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Software partnership program for clean tech entrepreneurs

Supporting clean tech innovators

Clean tech innovators are creating solutions to solve the world’s epic challenges. To support their work, the Autodesk Clean Tech Partner Program provides qualified companies with up to US$150,000* worth of Digital Prototyping software for only $50.

Using digital prototypes, clean tech pioneers can design, visualize, and simulate groundbreaking ideas. This ability allows them to test multiple concepts and reduce costly errors, getting to market faster. Apply below, or contact us with questions.

Software available through the Clean Tech Partner Program

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Clean Tech Program partners

Electric supercar
Tesla Motors reinvents electric car with the Model S, an all-electric premium sedan and winner of the Motor Trend Car of the Year.

More solar for less
QBotix develops an innovative solar tracking system that reduces solar power costs by 20%.

Play into power
Uncharted Play creates the SOCCKET, an energy-generating soccer ball that provides a reliable energy source for children in developing countries.

Cool molecular ice
nanoICE helps preserve food and prevent waste across the world with efficient molecular ice technology.

Improving public health
BioLite addresses the disastrous health impacts of cooking over open fires with HomeStoves that reduce smoke by up to 90%.

Food waste into fertilizer
reNature designs a biodigester to keep food out of landfills and reduce greenhouse gases.


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*Value is based on up to 5 commercial licenses of each application unless otherwise noted. Autodesk 360 services for up to 5 single user authorizations for 1 year.