Cloud Collaboration for Civil Engineering Projects

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Cloud Collaboration for Civil Engineering Projects
Interactive virtual series navigating project creation to managing data in the cloud.


Join us for an upcoming 30-minute webinar series where we explore the power of BIM Collaborate Pro and Civil 3D for seamless collaboration on your civil engineering projects in the cloud.

Led by Jeff, a seasoned Senior Technical Specialist with over two decades of experience, each session will be a guided journey through essential practices for every Civil Engineer. In Part 1 of this series, recordings now available below, Jeff demonstrated the initial steps of getting started, including initiating new projects and managing access to synchronize and oversee project data in the cloud. Now, in Part 2, Jeff will continue the live demonstration, showcasing how to seamlessly reference content between projects or accounts, effectively manage and archive communications, effortlessly share project files with internal and external stakeholders, and configure projects for seamless multi-team collaboration in the cloud. This series is not just about the basics – Jeff will reveal lesser-known tips, tricks, and shortcuts that go beyond typical training sessions. Our aim is to enrich your toolbox, enhance project efficiency, and maximize the value you get from your Autodesk Investment.

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