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Trexo Robotics

Faced with the reality that his nephew may spend the rest of his life wheelchair-bound, Trexo co-founder Manmeet Maggu was determined to build a device to help his nephew walk.

Trexo Robotics

Area of Research:
Emerging Technology


At the technology center in Toronto, Trexo Robotics is attempting to create the only fully mobile and safe robotic device for children in North America. The team is driven by the belief that enabling technologies should be barrier-free and accessible by all.

Founded by two University of Waterloo engineering graduates, Trexo is on a mission to redefine enabling technologies for people of all ages and abilities, creating devices that are affordable and usable from the comfort of one’s home.

The personal inspiration behind Trexo stems from founder Manmeet Maggu’s family. His nephew was diagnosed with a severe case of cerebral palsy, which greatly affected the child’s mobility from walking, standing and sitting. Faced with the reality that his nephew may spend the rest of his life wheelchair-bound, Manmeet was determined to build a device to help his nephew walk. He joined forces with Rahul Udasi to begin the long process of experimenting with different robotics devices and various designs until the revolutionary Trexo device came to life.

Using wearable robotics technology, artificial Intelligence, and industrial design concepts, Trexo is able to take advantage of not only the hardware available at the technology center, but the community expertise that is also present.

Trexo’s ultimate goal is to make the device accessible to all families, and for the families to be able to take the device home where their child can experience walking outside of a clinic.

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