COP26: Autodesk at the UN Climate Change Conference

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Using technology for global action on climate

Autodesk believes technology is crucial in combating climate change. We embrace the goals of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26)–securing net zero by mid-century, protecting communities and habitats, and mobilizing finance. By harnessing new data, customers can streamline work, generate insights, save resources, and reduce waste.

Technology to enable a sustainable world

  • A desolate view of windmills and solar panels

    The path to net zero carbon: Stabilizing climate change takes a (global) village

    With megafires and catastrophic floods happening at an alarming pace, learn how the design and build industry is aiming for net zero carbon. 

  • An aerial view of a water utility site lit up at night

    How technology helps build global water resilience

    When “once in a lifetime” weather is common, things need to change. See how Veolia Water Technologies is fortifying future water resilience. 

  • A 3D rendering of solar panels and high-rises

    Following nature’s lead to create circular cities

    Going circular requires leadership and creative vision, using nature as a model to create circular cities, minimizing waste, and pollution.

  • Video: Using technology to fight climate change and keep the world safe

    The technology that we need to save the world already exists

    Do we already have all we need to improve sustainability? Leading engineering firms say yes as they call for policy makers to be bolder. (video: 1:01 min.) 

Portrait of Joe Speicher, Head of Sustainability and Foundation, Autodesk

Our call for action on COP26 (video: 1:35 min.)

Our commitment to COP26

COP26 highlights how technology can transform industries, and help build a sustainable world for all." – Joe Speicher, Autodesk” 

Rolling green hills with solar panels layered on top

How companies can take climate action beyond achieving net zero

It is essential for climate action planning to go above and beyond companies simply achieving carbon-neutral status. 

Autodesk at COP26

We’re proud to have sponsored the 12th Sustainable Innovation Forum (SIF), which took place alongside COP26. Catch up on Autodesk’s sessions from the forum below.

Joe Speicher, Acting Head of Sustainability and Foundation, Autodesk

Big Tech and Climate Action

Joe Speicher, Acting Head of Sustainability and Foundation, Autodesk

Joe and other panelists from Geotab and SAP, discuss the role of 'big tech' and digital innovation on climate. How can we capitalize on the potential of technology to decarbonize sectors? How can successful collaboration and partnerships maximize technology's impact for climate action?

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Jim Lynch, SVP and General Manager, Autodesk

Resilient Infrastructure

Jim Lynch, SVP and General Manager, Autodesk

When the construction and infrastructure industries on both land and sea adopt innovative technology and thinking, they have the capability to build truly resilient communities. Delivering that technology will help people adapt, grow, and prosper alongside increasing levels of automation.

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Jim Lynch and David Benjamin from Autodesk

Green Construction

Jim Lynch, SVP and General Manager, Autodesk, and David Benjamin, Director of AEC Industry Futures, Autodesk

Working together is essential for governments, businesses, and society to rise to the challenges of climate change. This fireside chat addresses how a collective effort can help build a more sustainable, equitable, and resilient world.

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Anthony Ruto, Director of Research and Engineering, Autodesk

Rising to the Challenge of Zero Carbon Buildings – A Lifestyle Approach

Anthony Ruto, Director of Research and Engineering, Autodesk

How can the private and public sectors work together to bring down the cost of adoption, advance infrastructure required for low-carbon alternatives and invest transformation?

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In the news

 A rendered design of an urban living complex with roads, pathways, and landscape

AEC industry sees positive momentum on climate change

Live from COP26, a new report shows the AEC industry is strengthening its commitment to sustainability.

 A cityscape under construction, including high-rises and a yellow crane

Autodesk backs bold climate action by Congress and at COP26 

We must engage policymakers to enact robust policies at all levels of government to reduce the impacts of climate change.

A fictional cityscape showing digital transformation and connected data across the AEC industry.

Digital tools enable companies to build sustainable communities

Autodesk believes governments and industries must drive the adoption of digital tools to help stem the impacts of climate change.

Leading building industry groups commit to 1.5°C Paris Agreement target

Building industry leaders to world governments: It's time to lead on climate

COP26 is our opportunity. The time is now. World governments must step up their commitments to eliminate carbon emissions from the built environment.

  • Improve efficiencies, reduce carbon emissions, and minimize waste

    Discover the trends, challenges, and solutions driving transformation across the AEC industry.

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Accelerating industry transformation

Autodesk advances industries through cross‑sector collaboration, policy advocacy, and by catalyzing innovation between and beyond industries.

  • A 2D drawing of a cityscape, including urban and climate infrastructure

    Beyond denial and fear in the climate debate

    Climate change is no longer under debate. Developing impactful solutions starts with investing in policy. 

  • A 2D drawing of a sustainable and eco-friendly city

    Manufacturing and construction must embrace digital sustainability

    The paths to net zero, resilience, and digital transformation intersect, and are stepping-stones to new opportunities.

  • An aerial view of a flowing river and forest 

    8 ideas from DIGITALEUROPE to accelerate the twin transition

    The EU aims to cut emissions by at least 55% compared to 1990 levels. To reach that goal, we all need to think digital. 

  • A woman wearing protective goggles while handling a manufactured model

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