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TruComposites 2021 features

Use TruComposites composite design, analysis, and manufacturing tools for hand layup and automated workflows. Learn about creating flat patterns, laser projection data, and fiber placement programming.

Composite design

  • Enhanced

    Surfacing and wireframe

    Standard, Ultimate

    Create complex composite designs with Inventor’s surface and sketch tools.

  • Import composite design

    Standard, Ultimate

    Import composite-design-rich data models from CATIA composite design and FiberSIM. (video: 1:17 min.)

  • Ply layup definition


    Define the layups, sequences, and plies that create your composite part.

  • Enhanced | Ply subdivision


    Divide sub-plies into smaller plies and determine sub-ply overlaps automatically from splices.

  • Edit curve

    Standard, Ultimate

    Edit existing curves inside the composite environment using Inventor sketch tools.

  • Process material library


    Store material parameters and packaging information in a shared library across multiple products.

Material deposition analysis

  • Enhanced

    Manufacturing strategies


    Create and analyze manufacturing strategies to compare options and lower costs.

  • Angle deviation


    Determine where fiber angle will be out of tolerance based on manufacturing method.

  • Wrinkling


    Identify where material wrinkling will occur during the layup process.

  • Gap and overlap


    Visualize where consecutive courses will diverge and converge passed allowed tolerances.

  • Steering


    Identify where material minimum steering radii will influence layup quality.

  • Compaction


    Determine where material will compact appropriate to the workpiece during the manufacturing process.

Composite manufacturing

  • Enhanced

    Flat pattern creation


    Generate 2D flat patterns from 3D surface geometry based on material properties.

  • Laser projection and simulation


    Export offset laser projection data and simulate the shop environment for laser projection optimization.

  • Integration with Inventor Nesting


    Send flat patterns directly to Inventor Nesting to optimize material efficiency and drive cutting machines. (video: 2:16 min.)

  • Automated fiber placement


    Program and edit toolpaths. Simulate machine motion and material deposition. 

  • Flat pattern export for TruNest


    Export flat patterns directly to TruNest to ensure design data flows into manufacturing.

  • Automatic thickness compensation


    Compare as-designed to as-manufactured parts and automatically compensate for out-of-tolerance areas.

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