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Autodesk helps innovative mobility providers stay competitive through challenging market demands

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The future of automotive, transportation and mobility

Uncertain technological drivers are not just disrupting but also converging the automotive, transportation and mobility industries. As sustainable mobility solutions emerge, we provide the means to ensure you are agile enough for the next big thing.

Autodesk drives automotive and transportation

  • “Autodesk has really excelled in offering this solution that allows you to develop a design from sketch to tooling release, all from the same familiar workspace.”
    – James Searle, Digital Design Manager, Lucid Motors

  • “By adopting generative and parametric design, with the contribution of industrial robots, 3D printing and artificial intelligence, we can make 90% fewer car parts a possibility.”
    – Angelo Yu, CEO, PIX Moving

  • “Lots of people underestimate how forward-compatible the digital-coordination model is. It’s not just the basis for planning; it will stay with us for the entire life of the building.”
    – Till Moczarski, Porsche Project Manager, Digital Planning

Solutions for the automotive & transportation ecosystem

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The agile design studio

Learn how the next generation of design, visualisation and virtual reality solutions can help you create captivating designs that will excite your customers.

Advanced manufacturing

Autodesk offers industry-leading milling, moulding, additive and subtractive software to help OEMs and automotive suppliers design and manufacture components, moulds, tools and dies that service their industry and their customers.

The convergence of BIM and digital factory

From initial production concept development to ongoing operational improvement, Autodesk tools bring the entire production team together to help you plan, build and manage a highly efficient factory.

AI-driven design

Leveraging artificial intelligence, generative design enables engineers to create lighter, stronger and more sustainable components for the automotive and transportation industry. This cutting-edge technology helps OEMs and suppliers to develop better parts faster, while maintaining safety standards and environmental regulation.

Equipping the supply chain with agile solutions

Technological disruption and market volatility forces suppliers to adapt to ongoing changes. Our agile solutions drive innovation and operational efficiency across the whole product development lifecycle.

More solutions

Explore more options for the automotive and transportation industry

  • Simulation

    Autodesk simulation provides fast, accurate and flexible solutions to predict, validate and optimise your designs, helping CAE analysts, designers and engineers make great products.

  • Tooling and equipment

    A comprehensive collection of software that enable the design and manufacturing of tooling, equipment, jigs and fixtures for the automotive industry.

  • Data management

    Autodesk provides data and process management that adapts to your business, connecting people, processes and data ensuring consistency across all your business systems.

Autodesk software for automotive and transportation

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Autodesk offers a wide range of software solutions. We offer concept design, visualisation, project management and collaboration solutions for the Design Studio. We also offer Advanced Manufacturing solutions for mechanical part and fixture design, CAM, data management and simulation. For your factories, we offer solutions connecting factory layout, design and planning to building information modelling.

Automotive manufacturing software is used to machine, print, inspect, simulate and fabricate parts. The software will virtually simulate the manufacturing processes and then control the machines for the actual fabrication process.

Within the design studio, data can be seamlessly exchanged between concept design, technical surfacing and visualisation applications, with everything linked together through our project management solution. For manufacturing, data can originate from virtually any source and be effectively used to define individual manufacturing processes all the way through the planning and construction of your entire factory.

Demand for variety and electrification is causing car companies to have to iterate faster and rethink interior design. By providing efficient tools and automation in our design solutions, customers can create concepts a lot faster, reducing the time to market for these new models.