Sustainability is at the top of corporate agendas, in the front of consumers’ minds and a consistent theme of legislation and regulations across the globe. Transitioning to renewable energy has become a global priority – with few industries being impacted as much as the Energy Sector. 

The energy sector is not only evolving and adapting to this shift, they are leading the way to a cleaner and more sustainable future. Discover how Autodesk is supporting this journey.

The Future of Making – how can we make it more sustainable?

It’s time to rethink how we design and make things. We need to provide what humanity needs with less negative impact. At Autodesk, we’re embracing this opportunity to design and make better.

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How can energy companies transition to renewables?

Transitioning to renewable energy starts with a strong strategy, clear communication and aligned digital transformation initiatives. With Autodesk research finding that nearly nine in 10 (87%) manufacturing and construction companies agree that embracing sustainability helps with customer retention, there’s no better time to begin this journey.

Sustainability is a top priority for energy companies, however, the industry’s transition to renewable energy is still low. In fact, according to GE, the energy sector emits 42% of all greenhouse gases.

The transition is happening, but to meet the carbon commitments being set out by the energy firms, it must be faster. In this report, you’ll discover why, and learn how to get started on your own journey towards sustainability.


Green Future: The urgent need to transition to renewable energy

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Are you ready to transition to renewable energy?

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If your business is looking to make this transition, we would love to help you get started on that journey. Whether that is to develop an initial strategy, design your new site, or provide ongoing project management tools, we can help you find a sustainable path for the future.

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