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Ramp up on our manufacturing platform Fusion 360 with a Project-in-a-Box

Project-in-a-box. For all levels.

Whether you’re new to CAD & CAM or are a seasoned expert, these hands-on projects will create a spark. They are short yet thorough, providing everything you need to ramp up on our manufacturing platform, Fusion 360. Get started making real products, right now.

Make a speed vise handle

This project-in-a-box will lead you through simple CAD and CAM workflows in Fusion 360 to design and build a speed vise handle. It includes descriptive videos, setup sheets, drawings, and a machine tool library. By the end, you will be able to create an actual speed vise handle that you can then use in the shop.

Speed vise instructional videos

Watch videos from this Project-in-a-Box to make a real speed vise handle that you can use in the shop.

  • Overview

    This video will introduce you to the concepts you’ll learn with the Speed Vice Handle Project-in-a-Box.

  • Designing the handle

    This video will take you step-by-step through the design of a speed-vise handle, teaching you how to use the CAD platform in Fusion 360.

  • Machining the handle

    This video will help you ramp up on the manufacturing workspace of Fusion 360, explaining in detail how to create toolpaths for a speed vise handle.

  • Designing the knob

    This video will sharpen your skills on the manufacturing platform in Fusion 360, showing you how to create a knob that attaches to the speed vise handle.

  • Machining the knob

    This video will show you how to link the knob into the design so any changes you make in the original will propagate in the new file.

  • Machine footage

    This video highlights in-machine footage of the CNC operations.

Make a fidget spinner

This step-by-step project shows how to design and apply tooling paths through Fusion 360 to create a fidget spinner. Included are detailed instructions that you as an instructor can use in the classroom as well as the needed part files. By the end, your students will be able to apply basic CAD skills, CAM tooling paths, and export that to a CNC machine.

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