CAD-to-AR for Autodesk® Inventor® is a technology demonstration for Inventor of viewing Inventor 3D models in augmented reality (AR) using the Unity® game engine and the EasyAR™ augmented reality engine.

The main features of CAD-to-AR for Inventor enable the user to:

  • Integrate it into the Inventor UI.
  • Position a model with a QR code.
  • Select and track a submodel.
  • View Inventor 3D models in AR.
  • Take screenshots of the AR scene.
  • Change model opacity in AR.
  • Resize, rotate, and move the model, as well as undo and redo model manipulations in AR.


  • Viewing Inventor models via AR
  • Simple resize, rotate and move operations with the model in the AR scene
  • Position a model anywhere with a QR code.

App details

  • Integration

    Ribbon panel presence inside Autodesk® Inventor® 2021

  • Compatibility

    Autodesk® Inventor® 2021

  • Target industries

    Industrial Machinery, Auto & Transportation, Commercial Design, AEC

  • Languages


  • Countries

    No restrictions

  • Additional information

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