Our Notice Of Financial Incentive

We, including our service providers, may offer you financial incentives for sharing personal information through programs that we may provide from time to time (collectively, our “Programs”). For example, we may provide you with gift cards, swag, event tickets, complimentary or discounted subscriptions, entries in promotions and other incentives if you provide personal information in exchange.  Before engaging in any such Program, we will describe for you the exact incentive for that particular Program in the Program rules and terms.  The  data you provide will typically be  your contact information, such as your name and email address.

When we offer such Programs to you, we believe, based on a good faith estimate, that the value of the different pricing or services you receive is at least equal to the value of your personal information. We evaluate this for each Program to ensure that is always the case. Your participation in these Programs is completely optional and subject to the rules and terms provided to you at the time you voluntarily choose to participate.

You may withdraw from participation in any Autodesk Program at any time by contacting us using the designated method set forth in the applicable Program rules and terms.