The Difference Between PDM and PLM and Why You Need Both

Learn how using PLM with PDM gives your organization greater control and saves time

Watch the webinar now to discover what you can do with Product Lifecycle Management.

The most common impact of poorly managed data is wasted time and effort. Companies can waste an average of 20% of their technical resources’ time on nonproductive data management tasks. That’s about one day a week spent on non-value-added time.

Product data management (PDM) software gets your data under control with a central source for collaboration, but how are you managing your product development processes before and after PDM? How is your design process impacted by change and quality management challenges? How can you stay on task for milestones and deliverables?

In this webinar, we'll cover:

  • New Product Introduction workflows that speed up time to market
  • Automated change request (ECR) and change order (ECO) processes
  • Item and Bill of Materials management to reduce errors and improve collaboration
  • Preventing and responding quickly to quality issues
  • Staying connected 24/7 to your global supply chain

Hear from an expert

Brian Schanen

PLM/PDM Readiness Program Manager, Autodesk

Brian Schanen works for Autodesk, Inc., as a PLM/PDM Readiness Program Manager in the Business Strategy & Marketing division. He is responsible for global technical and sales enablement focused on PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) and PDM (Product Data Management), as well as the design, creation, implementation, and delivery of PLM/PDM based curriculum, technical and sales tools, live events, and assets. With 18 years of PDM and PLM experience, he is a seasoned speaker, presenting at events such as Autodesk University, One Team conferences, and extensions.