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The Only Constant is Change, and PLM Can Manage It

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Change management is better with Autodesk PLM

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Learn a better way to manage change and quality

Watch the webinar to learn how product lifecycle management (PLM) can help you take control of change and improve the quality of your products, with such capabilities as:

  • Closed-loop, linked quality processes from nonconformance to returns to ECRs and ECOs
  • Configurable workflows to track and record changes to product designs as they happen
  • Built-in reporting to analyze trends in quality metrics to prevent failures before they occur

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Frequently asked questions

Fusion 360 Manage comes with industry best practices as a starting point, but many customers will configure the workflow to meet their needs. 

1. The COs in Fusion 360 Manage are more high level - wfi is customizable

2. Vault - for designers in CAD tool - Form, fit, function change.

You can configure Fusion 360 Manage to map to your current processes.  There are more apps in our App Store you can add to your solution or you can create custom workspaces (with workflow and milestone tracking if needed). 

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