Winning with Fusion 360

In the spirit of competition, students across the globe are finding inspiration, putting their skills to the test, and winning with Fusion 360.

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Need help getting started?

Whether you’re new to CAD or just starting out with Fusion 360, be sure to check out free learning content from Autodesk to help you master your new software and feed your creativity.

Quickly learn Fusion 360

Practice creating and assembling parts, rendering designs, and exporting files for 3D printing through the design and production of a tea kettle over the course of fourteen short modules.

Intro to CAD/CAM course

In this 7-module course, you’ll receive foundational knowledge in the CAD/CAM design process, digital manufacturing workflows, and the practical use of CNC machines for milling.

Activate your career with certification

These certification pathways include free learning content and prep courses that will teach you the skills needed to help you future-proof your career, pass your exams with confidence, and earn recognition for your expertise.

  • Autodesk Certified Associate in CAM for
    2.5 Axis Milling

    Designed by industry experts, this industry-recognized certification covers preparing CAD models for the manufacturing process, creating and simulating CNC milling toolpaths with a 2.5 axis machine, and creating documents for setting up and running a CNC mill.

  • Autodesk Certified Associate in CAD for Mechanical Design

    This certification is for candidates that can perform CAM-based workflows in Fusion 360 to take a project from start to production-ready and covers drawing objects, 3D component and assembly modeling, technical drawing creation, and similar CAD-focused topics.

  • Autodesk Certified Professional in Design for Manufacturing

    Developed for those with more advanced skills in CAD/CAM who can perform workflows with a broader range of materials and manufacturing processes. This professional-level certification requires a deeper understanding of the design requirements for materials and manufacturing.

Learn from your peers

Join the Autodesk Fusion Discord and talk with other students who are using or learning to use Fusion 360.