New Integration: Connect PlanGrid and Aurigo Masterworks

plangrid and aurigo integration connect

Connect Owners and Contractors on Public and Private Projects 

Infrastructure and capital projects are essential to expanding and strengthening communities around the world. But given the complexity of these projects, if not managed correctly, they can add costs and burdens to taxpayers and members of the community. Today more than ever, cities, agencies, and owners need the right tools to deliver capital projects efficiently.  

Earlier this year, Autodesk and Aurigo announced an alliance to develop the most comprehensive set of cloud-based solutions for public and private owners. We’ve moved fast on this promise and are excited to announce our first integration between Autodesk and Aurigo.  Now, Aurigo Masterworks and PlanGrid connect construction management workflows to capital planning and portfolio management workflows


Track, Manage, and Submit RFIs, Issues, and Project Documents from the Field 

With the connector, data from construction is shared bi-directionally between PlanGrid and Aurigo Masterworks. This means that contractors no longer need to submit information twice as data added to PlanGrid will flow automatically into the owner’s Aurigo Masterworks Cloud system

RFIs, Tasks, drawings, cut sheets, specifications, legal documents, and other resources can be shared between PlanGrid and Aurigo Masterworks. Other project data will be added and we’ll be sure to provide updates as it becomes available. 

Best in Class, Mobile First Field Productivity Software 

PlanGrid is a mobile-first, field collaboration software, which gives contractors unprecedented access to information in real-time and facilitates effective collaboration. PlanGrid users report saving at least 6.5 hours per week each and are 2X likelier to use their mobile devices in the field. 

Contractors using PlanGrid can collaborate with public project owners such as state agencies, cities, counties, water authorities, airports, and facility owners using Aurigo Masterworks – all through Autodesk Construction Cloud Connect. 

Real-time Access to the Owner’s Project Information 

With the connection between PlanGrid and Aurigo Masterworks, the owner of the project will automatically access project data in their instance of Masterworks. There is no need for the contractor to enter the same information twice in two different systems.  

The owner sees information submitted from the field and responds accordingly. Once the owner provides the information through Masterworks, it will sync with PlanGrid automatically. No duplicate or manual data entry. The bi-directional flow of data between contractors and owners saves time and reduces errors, connecting the office and the field through a seamless integration. 

Supercharging Collaboration by Expanding on Library of over 200 Integrations 

Autodesk Construction Cloud Connect continues to supercharge collaboration by expanding on the library of 200+ potential integrations. Through a partnership between Autodesk and Aurigo, teams can now automatically move critical project data between PlanGrid and Aurigo Masterworks.  

Autodesk Construction Cloud Connect (ACC Connect) is an intuitive, ready-to-use integration platform that allows customers to create flexible integrations without writing code. Powered by Workato, ACC Connect supports integrations for Assemble, BIM 360, BuildingConnected, and PlanGrid. Customers can connect their Autodesk Construction Cloud products to automate continuous or scheduled data flows with a wide range of SaaS applications including Box, Smartsheet, DocuSign, and QuickBooks Online – and now Aurigo Masterworks. 

Learn More About the PlanGrid and Aurigo Masterworks Integration 

Contractors and public agencies can directly share RFIs, Issues, and documents such as meeting minutes, contracts, resources, and approved work orders. By connecting Aurigo Masterworks and PlanGrid using Autodesk Construction Cloud Connect, teams eliminate duplicate or manual data entry and seamlessly pass data back and forth between the office and the field, reducing errors and saving time. 

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Gino Alberto

Segment Product Marketing Manager, Autodesk Construction Solutions