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At Autodesk, we’re more than a technology provider. We’re a partner to our customers. That’s why our product teams are always looking for new ways to help our customers build faster, safer, and more cost-effectively.  

This month, we’re thrilled to showcase nearly 50 new releases for Autodesk Construction Cloud products. From new ways to share data to enhancements for cost management, we’ve highlighted all the new releases and updates you need to know about here.  

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Autodesk Construction Cloud Unified Platform 

*=features on both Autodesk Construction Cloud unified platform and BIM 360 

Admin - Bridge - autodesk


Bridge in Autodesk Construction Cloud allows teams to share data across accounts, like a general contractor to a subcontractor, in order to improve cross team collaboration, reduce rework, and improve control and ownership of project information. Last year, we released the ability to share Sheets across accounts or between projects within the same accounts. With this most recent release, users are now able to also share Files as well as set up direct links to projects for easier data federation. Learn more about Bridge here. 

Files | For the Field Folder Migration 

Web users now have the option to migrate their “For the Field” folders under “Project Files.” From there, they can perform regular folder operations, such as rename the folders, move them within the folder tree, assign any permissions, and delete folders. Customers can also perform this migration on the folder structure for Project Templates. This allows members to curate their experience more efficiently. 

Files | Export Markups on Files (PDF) 

After selecting a PDF file to export markups onto, members on web now see two options when choosing to export markups onto a PDF file: “Single selection” and “Standard markups and hyperlinks”.  

Files | Minimap (web) 

2D minimaps are available while navigating any 3D model that has been previously aligned. This allows users to orient themselves in 3D, more easily navigate complex models, and quickly jump into associated 2D representations of their model.  

Files | User Group Changes  

The "Everyone" user group, which allows everyone on a project to assign folder permission, is now assignable to any folder and with any folder permission level. Previously, it could only be used by the “For the Field” folder with the permissioned actions of “View” and “View + Download.” Now, members have the option to allow everyone on the project to have permission to specified folders.  

Markups | Undo / Redo  

Members can undo and redo single markup interactions on a sheet (on all platforms) or document (on web). This update does not include feature markups. 

Transmittal | Add “Description” Column to Transmittal Details*  

Available on Autodesk Construction Cloud and BIM 360, a new "Description" column will be added to the Transmittal detail page. The value within the "Description" column highlights key information at the time of transmitting but will remain empty for transmittals created before this release.  

Dashboards | Additional Partner Cards*  

Both Autodesk Construction Cloud and BIM 360 have added partner cards to the Card Library including SignOnSite, Billd, AnchoRock, Touchplan, eMOD, what3words, Tenna, Document Crunch, and Tread.   

Integrations | Partner Summit  

Autodesk Construction Cloud now has over 215 integration partners. We recently hosted our Integration Partner Summit 2022 to share new resources and program enhancements with partners, helping them build deeper and more meaningful integrations. Autodesk Construction Cloud is doubling down on our commitment to remove data silos in construction and deliver a robust ecosystem of engaged partners ready to drive success with our customers.   

Autodesk Build 

Build - schedule share - inline 1500x1065

*=features in both Autodesk Build and BIM 360   

Read more about all our latest Autodesk Build releases for March 2022 here.

Assets | Linked Markups on Sheets  

When creating a markup on a Sheet, users can directly link an asset to the markup. This will help users easily get the asset information they need from the context of where it is located on a drawing.  

Cost Management | Account Level Cost Management Library Templates  

Autodesk Build users can now manage cost management templates at the account level within the Library. This allows teams to quickly distribute updated document templates across all projects, saving time and ensuring teams have access to the most up-to-date templates. 

Cost Management | Executive Level Cross Project Budget Report  

Within account level Insight, users with Executive Overview access can now run a Cost Management Budget report which shows a summary of cost information by project including original budget, revised budget, projected budget, forecasts, and more. This is the first account level report within Autodesk Construction Cloud and allows users to filter outputs including project type or business unit. The report gives executives a quick overview of relevant cross project information.  

Cost Management | Project Configuration Wizard*  

Autodesk Build and BIM 360 Cost Management admins now have access to a project configuration wizard called Project Process. This optional setting provides a more straightforward setup process for different user cohorts. Based on the selected role and project preferences in this setting, it configures what components in Cost Management display and configures permission options.  

Cost Management | Collaborative Potential Change Order Workflow*  

Autodesk Build and BIM 360 Cost Management now provides an optional collaborative potential change order workflow for upstream and downstream change orders as part of the new Project Process setting. This release offers streamlined change order collaboration between owners and general contractors or general contractors and subcontractors in a single environment that fosters accountability and transparency.  

Cost Management | Main Contract Collaborate Permission*  

A new collaborative permission level for the main contract is available in Autodesk Build and BIM 360 Cost Management to increase transparency with owners. With this permission, owners can view details related to their signed contract directly in the system and upload attachments. 

Cost Management | Viewpoint Vista Integration* 

Autodesk Build and BIM 360 Cost Management can now integrate with Viewpoint Vista through Morpheus Technology Group. By synchronizing critical financial data, teams can reduce the risk of error and streamline processes.  

Files | Gyroscope (mobile) 

Members can leverage the mobile device’s built-in gyroscope to experience an immersive interaction with their models while in the field. This “look-around” feature brings a more dynamic and visual approach to modeling.  

Files | Levels Navigation (mobile) 

Members can utilize the up/down arrows to easily navigate between levels within their model, simplifying the model viewing experience for field teams.  

Files | Minimap (mobile)  

Similar to the web functionality, members on mobile can now see a 2D map of their model while they navigate in 3D, if the model has been previously aligned.. This 2D minimap will appear at the top of their phone screen. Also, members can move the blue dot on the 2D model to adjust their viewing on the 3D model.   

Forms | Company and Role Permissions – coming soon  

Users will soon be able to set permissions to Form templates to a Company or a Role and then assign collaborative forms to a specific Company or Role. This provides flexibility and ensures that Forms get filled out in a timely manner.  

Meetings | Edit Meetings (mobile) 

Autodesk Build users can edit general meeting information on their mobile device. They can also add flags, define due dates and change the status of each meeting item. This allows users to collaborate on meetings in the field or office. 

RFIs | Assign RFI to a Location  

Users can add a location to their RFI. This provides critical context and creates consistency across the project.   

Sheets | Export Links with Markups and Auto-callouts 

Members on web can now see two new checkboxes, “Include Hyperlinks” and “Include Auto-callouts” on the sheet export configuration panel. From there, exported PDFs highlight any linked markups to simplify the process of accessing needed information. 

Submittals | Watchers Enhancements  

With watcher enhancements, users can add watchers when creating a submittal item, will see the default watcher, and have ability to bulk add watchers. This increases accessibility and creates transparency for all necessary stakeholders.  

Submittals | Cover Pages  

Users will soon be able to add cover pages to submittal attachments. Users can add a blank page, upload their preferred cover page, or leverage the built-in cover page that has all relevant submittal information. Once the cover pages are created, users can annotate and add their own stamps. This summarizes critical information and helps members comply with contractual requirements. 

Submittals | Status Summary Report  

User can create a new report highlighting the status of submittal items. The Status Summary report will summarize the status of submittal items by company. This makes it easy for each company to track their submittal status 

Schedule | Add References in iOS  

Users can now link references to schedule activities in iOS such as Photos, Files, Sheets, Assets, and Issues to provide the necessary context into what can impact the schedule.  

Schedule | View Schedule in Android - coming soon  

Autodesk Build users will soon be able to access the Schedule tool on Android. This ensures that field teams have real-time access to the latest schedule information. 

Schedule | Share Schedule Views  

Users can share a filtered schedule view instantly from the web with other project members saving time surfacing the exact information needed.  

Schedule | Filter Activities by References (web)  

Users can now filter by activities that contain references, as well as filter by specific reference type to quickly access the activities tied to references. 

Schedule | Turn on Reference Column (web)  

Users can now enable the reference field as a column when viewing schedule.  

Schedule | Add Vertical Lines for Milestones (web)  

Users can now add vertical lines for milestones when viewing the schedule in Gantt view to better visualize project progress. 

Schedule | List Improvement (web)  

Users can now sort schedules by name in the thumbnail page as well as view the schedules in list view making it easier to manage multiple schedules on a project. 

Schedule | Sort/Group Activities (web) - coming soon  

Users can now sort and group the activities by different schedule details to better visualize the schedule based on different parameters.  

Autodesk BIM Collaborate 

BIM Collaborate - clash dashboard - inline 1500x1065

****=features in both Autodesk BIM Collaborate and BIM 360  

Model Coordination | Opt-in/out of Automatic Clash Detection ****  

Focus your coordination efforts by controlling which models are clashed at any given time. Now with simple opt-in/out of clash detection settings, visualize the clashing objects most important for your team at that time. 

Model Coordination | Minimum & Maximum Clash Tolerance Filters ****  

Easily clear clashes and focus on problem areas with dynamic clash tolerance filters. Set tolerances above or below a given value in mm or inches or create a range to focus on and speed up coordination with accessible tools for all. 

Model Coordination | Coordination Dashboard in Revit 

Design with construction in mind with a coordination dashboard in the Revit Issues Add-In. Project teams can stay in-sync with clash and issue information directly in the view of the design model. Work to reduce clashes as you design and track your success with open, in-review, and closed issues.   

Autodesk Takeoff 

Takeoff - symbol detection - inline 1500x1065 

Symbol Detection - coming soon 

Autodesk Takeoff users can now take advantage of symbol detection capabilities to easily identify and bulk count symbols to save time and minimize manual takeoff processes. 

IFC Support  

We've added to the model types supported for 3D quantification workflows. Autodesk Takeoff users can now perform model-based takeoff on IFC models. This latest enhancement allows users to leverage Autodesk Takeoff on multitude of projects that were previously not supported. 


BuildingConnected - suggested edits - inline 1500x1065

BuildingConnected Pro  

Suggested Edits Improvements  

BuildingConnected users that “suggest an edit” to another user’s profile can see the status of the suggested edit (whether confirmed or declined) and see or use the suggested edit throughout parts of the platform while the status is pending. This adds a layer of transparency and continues to showcase the power of the crowdsourced Builders Network. 

Bid Board Pro 

New CRM Integrations via ACC Connect  

By using Autodesk Construction Cloud Connect (ACC Connect), Bid Board users with API access can integrate with CRM tools like Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics. Users can automatically create opportunities in Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics when they accept opportunities on Bid Board.  


Assemble - redesign - inline 1500x1065

Site Administration Redesign coming soon 

Users can now experience an updated look and feel with new typography and colors when managing Assemble site administration. Product functionality remains the same. 

BIM 360 

BIM 360 - filter by owner - inline 1500x1065

Issues | Filter by Owner  

On web and mobile, users can now filter Issues by owner. This feature enables users to find an issue quickly and efficiently. 

Daily Logs | Labor and Workforce Report  

Project Administrators with access to Field Management can generate Labor and Workforce Reports and download them into PDF Format.  

Reports | Issues Report Filtering Enhancements

This release includes the addition a new filter for Issue Owner within the Issue Detail and Summary reports. This will help teams refine their reports to only show relevant information and improve decision making.   

Reports | Report Automation by Company - coming soon 

BIM 360 users can now automatically generate Issue Summary and Issue Detail reports that are specific to individual companies. Prior to this release there was not an easy way to see an overview list of which companies had open issues. Now project leaders can run issue reports and distribute specific reports to each company to better manage issues and improve resolution rates.  

NOTE: this feature was already released for the Autodesk Construction Cloud unified platform in July 2021.  

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