24 Integrations for Owners to Power Smarter Projects

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As an owner, your everyday list of to-do’s boils down to two things: increase profit and reduce risk. This is why it pays to improve visibility and collaboration with construction teams through technology. You get to be more hands-on with progress transparency while empowering project teams to work smarter. 

In engineering and construction, around 95% of all data goes unused, which often creates disconnects. By integrating this otherwise “lost” data into multi-team workflows (if not your own), you can finish projects on schedule, under budget, with higher quality, and have peace of mind that that progress is auditable across the entire project lifecycle. 

Autodesk has over 275 direct integrations for every phase of construction. While there are plenty more to explore, this list pulls together some of the most popular integrations for owners.  

Integration categories:

Capital planning and asset tracking

To effectively manage the bottom line, owners need to keep track of resources throughout a project. Capital planning and asset tracking tools help automate and connect this crucial data enabling owners to improve oversight with all systems connected into one.  


The Datum360 Connected Data Platform provides an intelligent way to specify information requirements and manage your Engineering Information and Asset Management data. Datum360 imports attributes from 3D models managed in Autodesk Build, Autodesk Docs, and BIM 360 into Datum360. The platform interacts between your models and data to assure the integrity and trust of your engineering information, driving collaboration across projects and operations. 


Geometrid helps construction project stakeholders achieve complete visibility across the supply chain. Building owners, developers, and contractors get real-time updates in an interactive BIM environment for element tracking, progress monitoring, analytics, and reporting. By adding the Geometrid Partner Card, project teams can enhance their monitoring and supply chain management across workflows and easily share that data with project stakeholders in Autodesk Build and BIM 360 


Join brings together contractors, owners, and design teams to facilitate better decision-making throughout the project journey. The Join Partner Card integration allows you to use the full Join collaborative project delivery platform to collaborate with all your project stakeholders to make informed decisions with confidence directly within Autodesk Build Insights or BIM 360 Project Home dashboards. 


PermitFlow’s software streamlines research and identification of building permits needed for each project. PermitFlow then handles submission and communication to the municipality on behalf of the builder. Contractors can stay up-to-date on the status of each permit and submit new projects as needed with PermitFlow, all now directly accessible within Autodesk Build Insight or BIM 360 Project Home dashboards.  


Teams can track materials, inventory, tools, assets, and equipment with SiteSense. The platform’s inventory management feature digitizes supply chain and materials management, while its Track and Trace capability gives the exact location of materials, tools, and equipment in real-time.   

With SiteSense, construction firms can plan and track installation packages, material availability and update stakeholders using dashboards or notifications. Plus, the solution works on mobile and desktop, enabling users to stay on top of assets no matter where they are. 

Design planning with scan-to-BIM workflows

Design planning with laser scanning allows teams to create more accurate models of the existing conditions and to leverage scan-to-BIM workflows. Try these integrations for transforming and managing laser scan data. 


Cintoo Cloud transforms terrestrial laser scan data into BIM-compatible reality data. The data can be shared, annotated, viewed, measured, and distributed for Scan-to-BIM workflows. Beneficially, each scan position can be transformed into a 3D mesh up to 20 times smaller than the source point cloud, improving the accuracy of your design files. Project teams can turn back a set of scans, a work zone, slices, and crops or the whole project in its original point cloud format for consumption in desktop apps such as Autodesk Revit, Autodesk AutoCAD or Autodesk Navisworks. 


Capture, process, and deliver data from onsite construction sites using FARO Laser Scanners, SCENE Software and WebShare Cloud, a cloud-based hosting platform that provides real-time access for all project stakeholders. WebShare Cloud supports 3D reality data of any size to be viewed, stored, shared, and evaluated for better project management and BIM workflow via the internet. 


Matterport is a spatial data company focused on digitizing and indexing the built world. The all-in-one 3D data platform enables anyone to turn a space into an accurate and immersive digital twin which can be used to design, build, operate, promote, and understand any space. Teams can send Matterport BIM files directly into Autodesk Build, Autodesk Docs, or BIM 360. Additionally, project stakeholders can create and track RFIs with site context from Matterport digital twins. 


Bridging the gap between the physical and digital world, NavVis provides an all-in-one reality capture solution that captures and visualizes indoor environments during construction and operational phases. Connecting the mapped as-built environment in NavVis IVION with Autodesk Build Issues, users can coordinate, compare, and update BIM models in the project team. 


The conversion of point cloud data into easy-to-use segmented 3D mesh models is an essential part of an integrated workflow utilizing reality capture data to facilitate better decision-making across projects and industries. Integrating PointFuse Asset mesh models into Autodesk Construction Cloud delivers real world conditions into the hands of the entire project team, in a format that can be easily interpreted.  

Design planning with immersive VR

Integrations for design planning may help you imagine what a project will look like before or while it’s built to better collaborate with designers and resolve issues before they get discovered in construction. These integrations keep you on track while creating a highly collaborative environment. 


GAMMA AR imports and overlays 3D Models managed in Autodesk Build, Autodesk Docs, or BIM 360 on the construction site using Augmented Reality. By overlaying 3D Models on the jobsite, GAMMA AR prevents errors, reduces rework, and shortens the time spent on documentation and follow up resulting in savings of up to 10% of total construction costs. 


Using the Resolve integration, teams can review their Autodesk Construction Cloud hosted models in VR. Your team can leave comments in VR using speech-to-text, pull up critical 2D documents to validate models, and open large BIM projects on standalone VR devices. Resolve helps projects get more engagement with existing BIM assets to build safer, more efficient, and more sustainable facilities. 


Sitelink is a 3D construction collaboration platform that enables project teams to view large 3D models at 1:1 scale on site, in Augmented Reality. Now, teams can import and visualize 3D models managed in Autodesk Build, Autodesk Docs, or BIM 360 into Sitelink.  


vGIS is an Augmented Reality platform that transforms traditional BIM, GIS and Reality Capture data into augmented reality visuals. vGIS absorbs 3D models managed in Autodesk Construction Cloud to automatically produce AR and mixed reality visuals that are overlaid on the user’s view of a physical job site. Customers can gain instant and comprehensive awareness of their surroundings, saving time and preventing costly mistakes and delays. 

Auditing site history with reality capture

Use reality capture integrations to take 360° and time-lapse photos. The imagery will allow you to reference the site history throughout all phases of construction, including a final look when construction is complete. Want to see your ductwork without opening up a wall? Use these integrations.  


EarthCam, a leader in camera technology, has transformed what cameras can do for construction. EarthCam makes it easy to upload webcam, 360° VR photography, and video content to Autodesk Construction Cloud. AI Object Detection and Safety Analytics deliver actionable data to augment Issues, RFIs, and reports in Autodesk Build. EarthCam’s unique ability to accurately align real-time photos and video over Navisworks models offers new perspectives and transforms collaboration. 


Evercam records every second of your construction project and unifies fixed-position cameras, 4D models, drones & other reality capture data in one central location. Images and recordings from Evercam can be exported to specific folders within Autodesk Build, Autodesk Docs, or BIM 360. 


DroneDeploy is a leading enterprise-grade site reality platform. The software converts jobsites, structures, and assets into easy-to-understand digital representations, generating valuable insights for construction teams. Through mapping, 3D modeling, analysis, and reporting, DroneDeploy provides a detailed and accurate digital replica of any site (interior or exterior buildings and earthworks), enabling project teams to take action, save time, and lower unforeseen costs. High-resolution aerial maps and 360 images from DroneDeploy can be exported to Autodesk Build, Autodesk Docs, or BIM 360. 


Herolapse uses reflex cameras to make high-quality construction timelapses, sending them to the cloud for easy access and sharing. Architects, engineers, project managers, and contractors can enable instant access to Herolapse’s photos directly within Autodesk® Build, Autodesk® Docs, or BIM 360®. Furthermore, project stakeholders can embed camera feeds directly into their Autodesk® Build Insights or BIM 360 Project Home dashboard by adding the Herolapse Partner Card. 


OpenSpace is a fast and easy way to maintain timestamped digital replicas of jobsites throughout every phase of construction. It uses AI and computer vision to automatically pin 360° captures to plans. The platform allows you to attach location-pinned photos to Issues or RFIs within Autodesk Build or BIM 360. Plus, its BIM Viewer enables side-by-side photo-to-model comparisons. 

These leading reality capture solutions are easy to enable and tightly integrate into Autodesk Construction Cloud. Find their integrations in the App Gallery and enable them across projects with a couple of simple clicks to sync photos and videos into Autodesk applications to reference during collaboration and for archival. Users can add these Partner Cards to a project dashboard to see jobsite imagery in the context of a project. With these tools in combination, owners can reduce costs and improve the safety of the construction site.

Handover documentation

Good documentation matters and should be carefully managed from day one. This is especially important in the final stretch before the operations team takes over. These integration partners help with documentation management during every phase of a project, including migration of documents come time for handover.


Why use separate systems when 360Sync can automatically update document libraries from wherever new files are uploaded or altered? 360 Sync integrates Autodesk Build, Autodesk Docs and BIM 360 Docs with platforms such as Viewpoint 4 Projects, BlueBeam Studio Projects, Asite, Citrix Files, Box, Dropbox, Egnyte, ShareFile, and Google Drive. 

ACC Connect

We also recognize that not all companies have the engineering resources or time to build custom integrations. This is where Autodesk Construction Cloud Connect (ACC Connect) comes in. ACC Connect – a robust, no-code platform that keeps your apps and data connected – helps you tailor integrations to your business and workflow needs, keeping your teams and projects connected and moving forward. 

With ACC Connect, project stakeholders can rest assured that their data is accurate and up to date. And since the information stays in sync, teams know that they can get the documents and information they need in the application they use most. 

Agile Handover  

The Digital Handover Management solution extracts the required data and documents from an Autodesk project and distributes it to the owner’s O&M systems. It automatically transforms and processes projects while resolving handover issues, reducing latency and handover costs. Handover server processes provide validation, quality control, disparate data source stitching, and issue resolution capabilities to the owner.


As a cloud-based migration service, Cloudsfer supports over 30 storage providers including Autodesk Build. It’s designed to migrate your On Premise, SharePoint, Server, or ECM data and cloud data (Google Drive, Dropbox, Egnyte and more) into Autodesk Build quickly and easily. The integration provides project archiving and backup, SSL encryption, high-speed upload bandwidth, and complete scalability and flexibility to meet your needs. 


From bid to closeout, ProjectReady’s collaborative project information management solution, facilitates connection, communication, and collaboration across AEC team members and owners on a project. Its integrated data environment (IDE™) lets you work together on information that everyone can trust. With ProjectReady, you can easily map folders and documents across Autodesk Build, Autodesk Docs, and BIM 360, with platforms such as SharePoint, Box, and Microsoft Teams. 

Overcome challenges by tackling them with the right integrations

Using integrations that keep your teams connected helps overcome many of the greatest challenges of working on large projects. Building better partnerships with contractors, reducing rework, and unifying project management are just some of the benefits of finding the right integrations for your needs. 

Great communication gets even better with centralized data. You’ll run your business and projects with much fewer hiccups. With Autodesk’s Construction Ecosystem and Platform, you can leverage different integrations to connect data across your tech stack and streamline collaboration with all stakeholders. A good construction platform helps you configure integrations your way while allowing you to develop your own (with our help) to make sure the job gets done. 

Jeremy Wallin

As Manager of Strategic Alliances and Partnerships at Autodesk, Jeremy has been instrumental in driving market presence and sales revenue for nearly a decade. His expertise lies in aiding both budding software startups and established Fortune 1000 companies in their growth journeys. Jeremy joined Autodesk 2018, following the acquisition of PlanGrid. He has since been at the forefront of managing go-to-market strategies, overseeing the Autodesk Build App Gallery, and fostering ecosystem growth. He currently collaborates with over 275 integration partners at Autodesk Construction Cloud, ensuring seamless operations and strategic alignment. Passionate about enabling growth, Jeremy's focus extends beyond business objectives to helping customers maximize their data utility. His commitment to customer success is reflected in his continuous efforts to provide innovative solutions that allow construction teams to do more with their data.