16 New Integrations for Autodesk Construction Cloud 

16 new integrations for autodesk construction cloud

There is no one-fits-all strategy when it comes to technology use for construction firms. Every business and project is unique, with needs and required solutions varying from one firm to the next. But one thing is for sure: connection is critical to truly leveraging the power of technology investments.  

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At Autodesk, we know our customers need to connect their tools and data across the critical elements of their tech stacks. It’s why we continue to expand our robust ecosystem of integration partners. And today, we’re thrilled to show you 16 of the newest integrations our partners have built for Autodesk Construction Cloud

Latest Integrations for Autodesk Construction Cloud  

This is a list of the latest additions to our Integration Partner Ecosystem. If you’d like to see all 250+ integrations, we encourage you to explore them by category or product here. 

bimmatch logo

Bimmatch is an AI platform that helps construction teams source NetZero and cost-effective construction materials. Project teams can create a dynamic bill of materials with a quality control report, GHG emissions calculator, sustainability compliance ranking, and cost calculator from 3D Models directly imported from Autodesk Build, Autodesk Docs, or BIM 360.  

Bluerithm Logo

Bluerithm tracks complex test and inspection procedures, QA/QC line items, system startup activities, commissioning, LEED certification workflows, and issues. Project stakeholders can now synchronize Issues and documents between Bluerithm and Autodesk Build. 


Cadmakers’ cmBuilder democratizes 4D site logistics with its cloud-based 3D modeling workflows, powerful sequencing simulation capabilities, and real-time collaboration. Teams can run now embed cmBuilder in Autodesk Build or BIM 360 and manage 3D and 4D site logistics simulations without leaving Autodesk Construction Cloud. 


Conwize is a cloud-based platform that simplifies the bidding and cost estimation process. The new integration allows users to extract a bill of quantities (BOQ) from 3D models in Autodesk Build, Autodesk Docs, or BIM 360 to calculate quantities automatically. 


Crews by Core is a field scheduling platform that allows superintendents to manage activities and subcontractors. Construction teams can now access Crews by Core within their Autodesk Build Insight or BIM 360 Project Home dashboards, giving project managers critical project information and details.  

CxPlanner offers a comprehensive suite of tools to streamline quality and the commissioning process. Project teams can now embed CxPlanner’s commissioning and quality platform within Autodesk Build Insights or BIM 360 Project Home dashboards. 

Danalto specializes in positioning intelligence for oil, gas, mining, construction, and energy companies. Teams can embed danalto’s Cardinal platform directly into their Autodesk Build Insight or BIM 360 Project Home dashboards to locate assets in real time, analyse location patterns and optimize operations. 


DepthXR provides a unified workspace where project teams can visualize, review, and interact with project data in an immersive AR and VR environment. Project teams can seamlessly import 3D Models from Autodesk Build, Autodesk Docs, or BIM 360 into DepthXR. 


Hiper-IT’s HiperWare platform integrates asset analytics into a building’s intelligent model, providing owners with real-time digital twins of their structures. Project teams can now import models from Autodesk Build, Autodesk Docs, or BIM 360 into the HiPerWare platform to create a live digital twin that includes the original model’s metadata. 

Join Logo

Join is a collaborative project delivery platform that gives stakeholders real-time visibility into each decision and its impact. Users can now directly link Join Items and Milestones to documents in Autodesk Build, Autodesk Docs, or BIM 360 from within the Join workspace. 

ProjectReady logo

ProjectReady is an integrated data environment that improves collaboration through the integration of systems and common data environments used by AEC industry professionals and project owners. Users can now synchronize documents, Issues, and RFIs from Autodesk Build with ProjectReady. 


Satt Analytics Construction Marketplace provides contractors with a platform to find building materials, expedite the procurement process, and centrally manage materials inventory. Construction Marketplace can be embedded directly within Autodesk Build Insights or BIM 360 Project Home dashboards.  

SoilConnect Logo

Soil Connect is a digital marketplace that connects suppliers and buyers of soil, aggregates, and other building materials. Users can also create tickets that capture the essential information about a given load, on an as-needed basis. Soil Connect Marketplace and eTickets are now accessible within Autodesk Build Insight or BIM 360 Project Home dashboards. 

Sustainable Minds is an end-to-end product transparency solution provider for building product manufacturers. The Transparency Catalog is a comprehensive, curated and continually updated catalog of high-performance building and construction materials that meet carbon impact and human health goals. Construction firms can now access products and materials directly within Autodesk Build Insights or BIM 360 Project Home dashboards. 


Topcon Positioning System’s Aptix platform simplifies the integration of third-party applications and project data commonly used in construction. It automates and orchestrates the distribution of data between the office and job site, including machine control files, design models, project schedules, and reports on actuals. Key stakeholders can import design models or documents stored in Autodesk Build, Autodesk Docs, or BIM 360 ensuring that operators have access to the most up-to-date models and scheduled tasks and that project managers have the most up-to-date reports.  


Workmax helps project teams maximize profits through integrated project controls, progress, productivity, safety, compliance, and time management. WorkMax allows owners, EPCM’s, and contractors to manage job site data in real-time, improving schedules, budgets, and profits. WorkMax can be embedded directly into Autodesk Build Insight or BIM 360 Project Home dashboards. 

Jeremy Wallin

As Manager of Strategic Alliances and Partnerships at Autodesk, Jeremy has been instrumental in driving market presence and sales revenue for nearly a decade. His expertise lies in aiding both budding software startups and established Fortune 1000 companies in their growth journeys. Jeremy joined Autodesk 2018, following the acquisition of PlanGrid. He has since been at the forefront of managing go-to-market strategies, overseeing the Autodesk Build App Gallery, and fostering ecosystem growth. He currently collaborates with over 275 integration partners at Autodesk Construction Cloud, ensuring seamless operations and strategic alignment. Passionate about enabling growth, Jeremy's focus extends beyond business objectives to helping customers maximize their data utility. His commitment to customer success is reflected in his continuous efforts to provide innovative solutions that allow construction teams to do more with their data.