Autodesk Construction Cloud Now Supports Over 235 Integrations  

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"The heart of every construction project is collaboration,” said Jim Lynch, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Autodesk Construction Solutions in last week’s Construction Session at Autodesk University 

No two projects are the same, but if there’s one thing we know to be true, it’s that construction teams who work well together produce better outcomes. Collaboration takes hard work—especially on complex projects. Between the challenges of working remotely, connecting the office and field, and collaborating with external stakeholders, teams need tools to keep them on the same page at every stage of the project.  

With numerous construction management systems on the market, consider these critical capabilities when evaluating solutions for your teams: 

  • Integrations and data operability to reduce data fragmentation and promote tighter collaboration 
  • Real-time updates and data sync to ensure teams always work with up-to-date information and files (e.g., models, documents, etc.)

Over 235 partners have built direct and seamless integrations with Autodesk construction applications via APIs and Partner Cards. Each one of these partners recognizes that linking data with Autodesk solutions helps construction teams collaborate better. 

What’s more, over 165 integrations now work with Autodesk Build, our new, comprehensive field and project management solution that combines the best-in-class features from BIM 360 and PlanGrid, with new capabilities such as Cost Management and Performance Tracking. 

We’re excited to share some of the latest integrations and updates for Autodesk Construction Cloud.  

Autodesk Build supports advanced construction workflows 

Data interoperability is imperative for project success. We are thrilled that Autodesk Build customers can leverage the Issues and RFIs API to integrate key construction data from several integration partners.  


EarthCam, a leader in camera technology and an Autodesk Premium Partner, has transformed what cameras can do for construction. EarthCam makes it easy to upload webcam, 360° VR photography, and video content to Autodesk Construction Cloud. AI Object Detection and Safety Analytics deliver actionable data to augment RFIs and reports in Autodesk Build or BIM 360. EarthCam’s unique ability to accurately align real-time photos and video over 3D models in Navisworks gives new perspectives and transforms collaboration.  

The ‘Issues’ module of Autodesk Build can now be populated with images directly from EarthCam – along with associated Notes – placing actionable, informative imagery in Autodesk Build. 


StructionSite is a cloud-based reality capture software that allows you to capture, organize, archive, access, and share standard and 360° photos and videos on digital floor plans, all from your mobile device or desktop. StructionSite allows teams to make better informed decisions by providing remote access to jobsites for increased team communication, verification of Work in Place (WIP), and prevention of rework.

Photos and RFIs generated in StructionSite can sync with Autodesk Build for further collaboration. Additionally, the StructionSite Partner Card in the Autodesk Build dashboard allows for private & public viewing of StructionSite documentation and gives users the ability to access a StructionSite project directly within Autodesk Build. 

“As a company, our goal is to leverage the technology we have to free up our people for more QA/QC work, and less administrative things. That’s the big vision here, and what excites me about Build and StructionSite: that by taking the technology that you’re both really good at and putting it in the hands of our people, it’s so obviously easy that they can do things efficiently and move on.” 

- Heather Soderquist, Director of Operations Training & Development at Jacobsen Construction 

Hear from DPR about the importance of having an integration between StructionSite and Autodesk Construction Cloud, and how innovation has shaped into implementation in the everyday workflows of teams at DPR. 

ERP Integrations – Cost Management and Performance Tracking  

Construction ERPs 

Autodesk Build – Cost Management continues to increase its ERP connectivity. hh2, Morpheus Technology Group, and ACC Connect have opened new integration opportunities with Acumatica, JD Edwards, NetSuite, Sage 300 CRE, Sage Intacct, QuickBooks Online, and Viewpoint Vista with Cost Management. This is a strong opportunity to integrate operations and accounting, as well as leveraging timekeeping or procurement solutions that feed Autodesk Build and your ERPs. 

Performance Tracking  

The newly released Performance Tracking toolset in Autodesk Build and BIM 360 Cost Management is ideal for owners, self-perform GCs and specialty subcontractors. Now actual hours and quantities can be compared to original estimates. This helps facilitate near real-time feedback from the field and helps project teams take corrective action sooner. 

With Performance Tracking, teams can automatically feed information from third-party applications such as Riskcast, STRUXI, Rhumbix, QuickBooks Time, SmartSheet, and ClickUp into Autodesk Build – Cost Management’s Performance Tracking.  

Riskcast: “Quality data starts with easy-to-use tools; it’s about field users first. That’s been our passion from day one,” says Reggie Arichabala, co-founder of Riskcast Solutions. “We knew systems had to be built to capture data without interrupting work. Connecting our tools with Autodesk Construction Cloud is an exciting next step for the entire project team.” 

STRUXI: “Having real-time access to job-site productivity helps project teams manage risk and take corrective action,” said Bill Wagner, President at STRUXI and Penta Technologies. “Our integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud enables comparisons between estimated and actual performance, and quickly isolates project scopes that fall behind.”  

Read more about the feature in our blog. 

Latest Integrations for Autodesk Construction Cloud  

This is a list of our latest additions to our Integration Partner Ecosystem. If you’d like to see all 235+ integrations, we encourage you to explore them by category or product here. 

BriefBuilder is a requirements management solution that captures, structures, and tracks all project design requirements to ensure that the project’s end-result complies with them. Link supporting documents hosted in Autodesk Build, Autodesk Docs, or BIM 360 to the requirements in BriefBuilder as backup documentation and evidence of compliance with project requirements. 

CoCircularCoCircular’s 360º Advisor helps locate waste management facilities closest to your jobsite, allowing you to optimize your waste management costs and improve overall disposal traceability. The 360º Advisor platform can be embedded into the Autodesk Build Insights or BIM 360 Project Home dashboards to display project data and waste calculations generated during demolition or construction phases. 

Constrafor LogoConstrafor’s cloud-based solution allows the automation and integration of procurement workflows to reduce administrative costs, facilitate insurance and invoice management, and digitize payments. Customers can embed Constrafor’s procurement software solutions in their Autodesk Build Insights Dashboard or BIM 360 Project Home Dashboard, to help streamline tasks and increase transparency. 

Constru is a computer vision and AI-powered construction solution that can identify over 250 construction jobs to turn captured imagery into insights for better data-driven decision making. Constru enables you to automatically create data driven lookahead schedules, detect performance trends and production rates, and manage projects through location-based trades management. The integration enables owners, developers, and general contractors to detect differences between the plans and actual conditions in Constru, create a discrepancy list, and automatically connect to new BIM 360 Issues, including relevant drawings and images.  

FastField Forms provides digital forms, workflow automation and business analytics in a robust and flexible web platform and mobile app to connect field staff with the back office. Project managers can automatically export reports and data collected within FastField to Autodesk Build, Autodesk Docs, or BIM 360. 

Kenesto LogoKenesto’s PDFBilt allows contractors to import and export drawing sets with Kenesto’s PDFBilt connect application to split, link, mark up, slip-sheet, and share multi-sheet construction documents for use with Autodesk Build, Autodesk Docs, or BIM 360. Documents can be saved to Autodesk Construction Cloud applications as a bound set or in a directory of the component sheets. 

PillrLogo Pillr presents BIM model insights in simple visual and data-driven ways with an automated, rule-based checker. Project stakeholders can view Element and Task Statistics generated in Pillr directly in their Autodesk Build Insights or BIM 360 Project Home dashboard. 

ProgressCenterLogoProgressCenter by TimeLapse ME is an application for visual job site progress documentation. It helps organizations and teams view, compare, and measure site progress in real-time using sophisticated time-lapse technology, artificial intelligence and a 4K Camera System. You can monitor updates of all your projects remotely by adding the ProgressCenter Partner Card to your Autodesk Build Insights or BIM 360 Project Home dashboard. 

SiteScape is an easy way to capture and share scale-accurate 3D scans of buildings, rooms, and spaces with a LiDAR-equipped iOS device. Project stakeholders can view 3D scans generated with SiteScape directly in their Autodesk Build Insights or BIM 360 Project Home dashboard. 

 T2D2t2d2 is an AI-powered condition detection and analysis platform that streamlines the collection of imagery for structure and infrastructure inspections, reduces risk, and improves safety; allowing users to tag imagery with feature-rich labels leading to accurate and actionable reporting and conditioning. 

toricToric is used by Architecture & Planning, Civil Engineering, Construction, Real estate operations and developers to leverage their existing data within a robust business intelligence tool. Using Toric, companies can combine design, project, and finance data in one place for real-time analysis, insights, and decision making.  

Premium Partners at Autodesk University 2022 

Jeremy Wallin

As Manager of Strategic Alliances and Partnerships at Autodesk, Jeremy has been instrumental in driving market presence and sales revenue for nearly a decade. His expertise lies in aiding both budding software startups and established Fortune 1000 companies in their growth journeys. Jeremy joined Autodesk 2018, following the acquisition of PlanGrid. He has since been at the forefront of managing go-to-market strategies, overseeing the Autodesk Build App Gallery, and fostering ecosystem growth. He currently collaborates with over 275 integration partners at Autodesk Construction Cloud, ensuring seamless operations and strategic alignment. Passionate about enabling growth, Jeremy's focus extends beyond business objectives to helping customers maximize their data utility. His commitment to customer success is reflected in his continuous efforts to provide innovative solutions that allow construction teams to do more with their data.