Transform Construction Management with GAMMA AR and Autodesk Construction Cloud Integration

Efficient building processes are more critical than ever. Between increasingly complex projects, stringent requirements from legislators, and increased demand from clients, construction firms are feeling pressure to deliver.

To generate returns and remain competitive, companies must optimize project delivery and ensure structures are built to the highest standards. 

Part of this optimization requires better quality control and more precise monitoring of production outcomes so teams can react quickly and find opportunities to improve.

This is where GAMMA AR comes in. With its advanced augmented reality technology, users are able to visualize 3D BIM models on the construction site in real-time. With GAMMA AR, superintendents, project engineers, and other team members can gain a better understanding of the construction site so they can track progress, avoid execution errors, and stay on top of issues.

Using Autodesk Construction Cloud and GAMMA AR for Progress Tracking

GAMMA AR integrates with Autodesk Construction Cloud, allowing you to overlay AR elements on the jobsite. This makes construction more intuitive and enables you to (literally) have a better view and understanding of what’s happening on-site.

Construction managers can use GAMMA AR and Autodesk Construction Cloud to identify errors during inspections, make changes, and approve them on the spot, reducing communication delays. What’s more, installed assets can be recorded directly with just a few clicks.

The Autodesk Construction Cloud Assets Progress tracking feature with GAMMA AR combines BIM and site data to give users precise and up-to-date information on the actual status of the construction site at any given time. This integration also makes it easier to report build quantities.

Overview of Progress Tracking information from the site

To visualize the construction process from GAMMA AR within Autodesk Construction Cloud Assets, follow these steps:

  1. You first need to set up Autodesk Construction Cloud Assets with Imports from the Model. The following tutorial explains in detail how to set up Autodesk Construction Cloud and GAMMA to synchronize states with each other.
  2. Visually mark finished objects on-site with GAMMA AR  
  3. From there, progress data from GAMMA AR is automatically synced with Autodesk Construction Cloud Assets  
  4. Preview the current reported construction progress within the Autodesk Construction Cloud viewer in Files or Autodesk Construction Cloud Assets 

This way, users can quickly identify delays on the construction site and mobilize resources to accommodate predicted changes.

Quantity Analysis within Autodesk Construction Cloud Assets

Progress tracking based on quantities can be tricky because it often relies on the amounts of materials used or components installed. Contracts may require you to provide completion percentages or the number of installed components or built materials when submitting payment requests.

GAMMA AR and Autodesk Construction Cloud make this simpler by enabling you to add properties such as volume, length, and height to each “asset” right from the Assets module. The existing report can be exported into Excel for further analysis, which helps streamline construction management and invoicing. 

This allows you to maintain precise and comprehensive records, ensure accurate progress tracking, and facilitate a smoother payment process.

Leverage Technological Advancements for Improved Construction Outcomes

Integrating GAMMA AR and Autodesk Construction Cloud takes construction management to the next level by empowering teams to use AR and BIM models to visualize and manage projects in real-time.

GAMMA AR and Autodesk Construction Cloud not only enable you to identify and resolve issues quickly, but they also enhance your overall project management processes through precise progress management and the tracking of material quantities. 

Want to see how GAMMA AR and Autodesk Construction Cloud can level up your projects and job sites? Explore the integration and discover how these tools can transform your efficiency and accuracy on every project.

Caner Dolas

Caner is the CEO and Co-Founder of GAMMA AR, #contech nerd, with a background in architecture and digital transformation. Served as a BIM manager and Digital Transformation Expert, spearheaded research and development projects and provided strategic consulting on digital transformation in manufacturing and design, with a specific emphasis on automation. Created architectural designs for airport, hotel, and commercial projects. Taught CAD, BIM and conducted research at the Institute of CAAD at RWTH Aachen University. Participated in the conception of the Urban Game at the World Expo in China and contributed to the design for the Solar-Decathlon Europe RWTH Aachen.