Top Autodesk University Sessions for Construction Owners

Top sessions for construction owners autodesk university

In case you haven’t heard, registration for Autodesk University is now live! Bringing together innovators from around the world, including designers, engineers, builders, and creators, this year’s global digital event will explore new approaches to imagining, designing, and making the projects of the future. 

Join Autodesk University 2020 starting November 17, where you’ll learn alongside your global peers in architecture, engineering, and construction, and explore emerging technologies and trends to find your new possible.

This innovative digital event is free and open to all who register, and will feature hundreds of classes throughout the week. Autodesk University has something for everyone, especially construction owners, who can learn about new trends and strategies for improving the quality, efficiency, and profitability of future projects.

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Why Construction Owners Should Attend Autodesk University

Autodesk University is all about the most cutting edge technologies and strategies. For the construction industry, that means everything from connected workflows, advanced innovation, and data-centric sessions. 

Staying ahead of the curve on top construction trends and technologies helps owners operate more efficiently during construction as well as improves building operations.  

The Top Sessions for Owners

To help you decide which of the hundreds of Autodesk University sessions you should attend, we’ve chosen our top picks for owners to experience the future of construction.

Note this current session list is a preview only and is not comprehensive. Check our full list here

[Roundtable] An Owners’ Perspective on Industrialized Construction

Moderator: Amy Marks, Head of Industrialized Construction and Evangelism at Autodesk

This roundtable session with a panel of globally recognized owners will feature a discussion of industrialized construction’s impact on their current and future projects. Globally, industrialized construction has become a key conversation for owners and developers seeking to mitigate risk and increase standardization across their portfolios with a playbook-style approach. This session will invite 'serial' owners to share their perspectives on how they are approaching this disruptive method of building, and explore global trends in industrial construction, prefabrication, and DfMA. This panel of owners will also share how they are driving changes in the AEC space through new trends and technology.

Redefining Project Handover & Closeout

Speaker: Aditya Thakur, Senior Group Product Manager, Lifecycle Data Management, Autodesk 

The commissioning and turnover process can be stressful, expensive, and long for both clients and contractors. In this session, we will explore practical case studies and best practices for how industry leaders are reducing schedules for commissioning and transferring data to owners, and creating stronger relationships along the way. This session will also examine how digitization is creating a new vision for the role of the construction project manager of the future, as well as explore the upcoming technology and innovation trends that may affect your business.

Going Beyond Maintenance - Building Ops for the Krause Gateway Center

Speaker: Mark Mergenschroer, Customer Success Engineer - BIM 360 Ops

Located in downtown Des Moines, Iowa, the Krause Gateway Center is the headquarters of the Krause Group. The building opened its doors in November 2018, and Krause and Baker Group collaboratively selected Building Ops as the Maintenance Management software for this innovative and unique building. Along the way, Baker Group has worked with the Building Ops team to go beyond just the standard ticketing and building maintenance process.

During this session, we’ll review how the integration of indoor mapping, sensor alerts, and interaction of existing work processes has evolved over the last two years on this innovative project. This case study will highlight lessons learned and steps taken to streamline the Building Ops workflow at the Krause Gateway Center, and will include a look at the valuable best practices generated by the last two years of operation. We’ll review the crucial questions to ask facilities teams who focus on essential building data for critical decision making, and how to work with clients to define what they need for their facilities management teams. Moreover, we’ll discuss the value BIM 360 Ops can bring to a facilities staff with Indoor Maps and Building Sensors.

Indoor Maps for Facilities: How to transform a Revit Model in BIM 360 Ops

Speaker: Mark Mergenschroer, Customer Success Engineer - BIM 360 Ops

Welcoming over 3.5 million guests each year, SaskGaming casinos are major entertainment destinations. They employ a diverse workforce and generate economic benefits for communities across Saskatchewan. SaskGaming’s Casino Regina and Casino Moose Jaw focus on providing a great entertainment experience through gaming, live entertainment, and restaurants.

In January of 2020, SaskGaming selected BIM 360 Ops to be their Facility Maintenance software, with a goal of full implementation and training by May of 2020. In collaboration with the Building Ops team, SaskGaming developed a collaborative agenda, workflows, meeting schedules, and data processes to transform the existing Casino Regina into an Action Digital Twin. This session will dive deep into the project’s workflows, integration of indoor mapping, connection to building sensors, rewriting of the maintenance process, and technician training, keeping in mind that all of this happened in under six months and during the COVID-19 pandemic.

[Roundtable] Which Project Delivery Method is Best for Your Project, and Why?

Moderator: Marin Pastar, Technology Innovation & Integration Leader, Jacobs

The Design-Bid-Build approach to project delivery is slowly becoming extinct, especially for large, complicated jobs with challenging schedules. Design-Build is on the rise, but many owners still feel like they are paying a premium by pre-selecting their team. What’s more, IPD still leaves a lot to be desired, as most owners are not willing to share the risk but expect the benefits. So, if none of these methods are aligned with how we work, what does the future of project delivery look like? This roundtable will be an open discussion among owners, who are invited to share their thoughts and experiences about technology-driven delivery, innovation, and the risks and constraints of where our Built Environment industry is inevitably headed.

Construction Owners: Register for Autodesk University Today

Starting November 17, all of these sessions and hundreds more will be free and open to anyone who registers for the 2020 edition of Autodesk University. Be sure to register here and join us for this year’s global digital event. Looking for more information on the sessions listed above and more? Visit our session list here. We’ll see you there!

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