Top Sessions for Preconstruction Professionals at Autodesk University

top preconstruction sessions at autodesk university

It’s time! Registration for Autodesk University is now live! The all digital event, happening November 17-20, brings together innovators from all over the world, including designers, engineers, builders, and creators. This year’s digital event will explore new approaches to imagining, designing, and making the projects of the future. 

Autodesk University 2020 begins on November 17, you’ll be able to learn with your global peers in architecture, engineering, and construction as you discover emerging technologies and trends to help you achieve your new possible.

This year, AU 2020 is completely free to all who register, featuring hundreds of classes over the course of the week. The event has something to offer for everyone, especially preconstruction professionals, who can learn all about strategies and new trends to reduce risk and improve the quality, efficiency, and profitability of future projects. 

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Why Preconstruction Professionals Should Attend AU 2020

Autodesk University is all about the most cutting edge technologies and strategies. For the construction industry, that means everything from connected workflows, advanced innovation, and data-centric sessions. 

Staying ahead of the curve on top construction trends and technologies helps preconstruction professionals to improve processes like estimating, bidding, and coordination. 

The Top Sessions for Preconstruction Professionals

In addition to can’t miss keynotes and announcements, there are hundreds of on-demand and live sessions to choose from at AU 2020. To help you figure out which of the hundreds of Autodesk University sessions you should attend, we’ve chosen our top picks for preconstruction professionals to experience the future of construction. 

Note this current session list is a preview only and is not comprehensive. Check our full list here

The Future of Quantification with Autodesk Construction Cloud

Speaker: Nick Zeeben, Product Manager, Autodesk

Estimating teams play a vital role in winning new business. Yet many of today’s solutions lack collaboration, require a highly manual process, and too often result in siloed data across teams. Join this session to learn how estimators can benefit from next-generation 2D and 3D technology to deliver best practices in quantification and estimating. You’ll also see Autodesk’s plan on how to drive the industry forward with connected, cloud-based, preconstruction planning tools with the power of automation and machine learning.

Connected Coordination in the Autodesk Construction Cloud

Speaker: Paul Jonathan Walker, Sr. Product Manager, Autodesk

Learn about the latest research and development activities for connected coordination from Autodesk’s Construction Cloud product team. We’ll cover model coordination and integrated workflows from desktop to field, including Revit software, Navisworks software, and mobile.

How Technology and Insurance are Shaping Construction Risk Management

Speaker: Kyle McGee, Strategic Partnerships Manager, Autodesk

A diverse panel of experts will participate in this discussion on how evolving technology and insurance products have shaped the construction risk management practice in recent years to become a more strategic function of a contractor’s business model. The panel will include two product and industry experts from Autodesk, three Autodesk customers (construction risk professionals), one partner from AXA XL (Autodesk’s largest construction insurance partner), and a moderator (Autodesk partnerships team). Topics discussed will include: advantages to different types of construction insurance products; best practices for subcontractor prequalification, risk mitigation planning, site safety, and project incident prioritization; how software and relative workflows act as the foundation of these best practices to ensure the success of your work, and the advantages of your insurance approach.

Risk Adjusted Estimating & Bid Management for General Contractors

Speaker: Laura Watts, Manager of Customer Success, Autodesk

Successful general contractors understand that accurate cost estimates are essential to both project and organizational success. For decades, the cost of construction has been a function of marketplaces: labor, materials, insurances, and fees. However, given increasing project complexity and greater technological capabilities, this reality is changing. The need to both understand and also quantify the risk in performing complex projects will shape the way cost estimates evolve in the very near future.

Centralize Bid Management: How Subcontractors Can Ditch their Spreadsheets

Speaker: Marlo Aghazarian, Technical Solutions Specialist, Autodesk

Subcontractors have been stuck managing job opportunities and bids with manual processes and outdated digital systems, none of which are built for the modern construction professional. Hours are spent manually creating and updating spreadsheets, as well as keeping track of projects, resources, files, and deadlines. Time and resources are increasingly in short supply for subcontractors, and the inefficiencies resulting from decentralized bid-management processes continue to add risk to projects. There is a better way with BuildingConnected. In this session, you’ll learn how the BuildingConnected platform’s world-class technology centralizes and streamlines the bid-management process. You can track bid invites, who’s working on what, bid analytics, and due dates across the entire office while quickly generating 2D takeoffs and bidding out work to vendors. By reducing manual entry and tracking business performance in real time, BuildingConnected empowers you to bid smarter and secure desired work faster.

How Builders Win More Jobs: Gain a Competitive Advantage with Crowdsourcing

Speaker: Skyler Ritwo, Customer Success Manager, Autodesk

Construction is a relationship-based industry where deals are still closed with handshakes. But in this new competitive world, with limited labor and a growing demand for construction, owners and contractors need a faster way to make connections with the right talent for the right project. Static contact databases and outdated bid-management tools perpetuate disjointed business results, leaving contractors constantly defending their costs and schedules and aggregating potential risk before breaking ground. In this session, you’ll learn how BuildingConnected helps builders discover, invite, and choose the right talent for any type of project while managing their bidding processes from start to finish. You’ll also learn how emerging markets are benefiting from this crowdsourced technology to remain competitive with their clients.

Harnessing the Power of BIM and Assemble

Speaker: Rachel Trocchi, Technical Solutions Executive, Autodesk 

With project timelines and budgets always shrinking, it is important to use everything in your power to be successful. We all know data is the BIM (Building Information Modeling) experts’ superpower, but incomplete models and deadlines often get in the way of using data to create the insights we’d like. The combination of BIM and Assemble software provides greater insights into how to quantify, budget, track project progression, and more. In this session, you’ll learn how 3D models in Assemble and its data help builders improve their overall efficiency and coordination while successfully using the data for downstream activities to improve preconstruction and construction workflows.

See the Future of Preconstruction: Register for Autodesk University Today

Beginning on November 17 all of these sessions along with hundreds more will be available for free to all who register to Autodesk University 2020. Register here so you don’t miss out on this year’s global digital event. Want more information on the sessions above and many more? Visit the session list here. We’ll see you there!

Which are the top AU 2020 sessions to attend to see the future of construction? Check out our list here.

Alexa De La Parra Ramirez

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