BIM 360 OPS Important Update

Please read this important message about the future availability of BIM 360 Ops and how it will affect your account and data.

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BIM 360 OPS Facilities Management Software

  • Easy to use, mobile-first maintenance management solution with web and mobile clients
  • Connects BIM asset data with technicians to achieve day one building operations readiness
  • Provides indoor maps to locate tickets and assets, do wayfinding for technicians, and enable more effective ticket triaging and analysis
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The benefits of using BIM 360 Ops

Realise the operating potential of your buildings

A collaborative platform for building operations, BIM 360 Ops places asset and maintenance information into the hands of those who need it; when and where they need it. Discover how it can help you and your team today.


Use BIM 360 Ops to deliver ticket and asset data to your maintenance team when they need it, where they need it. Streamlined work tickets and detailed asset data, including O&Ms and 3D models, are viewable on mobile devices.

Day-one readiness

Publish commissioning data directly from Revit or BIM 360 to provide the details necessary to maintain assets in accordance with warranty requirements. Easily setup and report on your preventive maintenance program.

Facility optimization

Reference indoor maps to locate tickets and assets, implement wayfinding for technicians, and enable more effective ticket triaging and analysis. Additionally, send alarms from the building automation systems and IoT devices to BIM 360 Ops to immediately alert your workforce about anomalies and track resolution.

Popular feature

Indoor Maps

With BIM 360 Ops you can turn your Revit floor plan into a map with Indoor Mapping Data Format (IMDF). Enable wayfinding for technicians and vendors, track mobile assets, manage new tickets using a heat map, analyze closed tickets and track inspection progress on floor plans.

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KEY WORKFLOWS Complete ticket and building asset data in the hands of your mobile workforce

BIM 360 Ops enables your facilities team to access critical building information via phones and tablets at anytime, from anywhere.