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Attendees in hall at AU 2023

AU 2023: The Design & Make Conference was back in Las Vegas this year—bigger and better than ever before! The Expo was buzzing. The General Sessions and Industry Forums shared important insights into AI and the future of all our respective industries. And, of course, all the incredible classes and sessions.

Now you can catch the AU 2023 AutoCAD classes from the comfort of your own home or office. Here’s just a sampling of what you can find. Grab the popcorn and settle in for some of the best AutoCAD tips and insights around.

Housekeeping in AutoCAD: Keep Those Drawings Shipshape!
A crucial part of your daily drafting is managing drawings to known standards and ensuring that your blocks are on the correct layer, text has the correct style or size, and dimensions are using the appropriate dimension style. In this class, Shaun Bryant (CADJedi) takes you through several AutoCAD techniques to speed up processes and help you get shipshape drawings.

What’s New in AutoCAD 2024: Digging into the Details
With each release of AutoCAD software, Autodesk adds new features and enhances existing features. In this session, you’ll take a tour of the the new and enhanced features included in AutoCAD 2024. See the enhancements made to importing markups into your drawings. Discover how machine learning improves productivity with Smart Blocks and learn how you can better track the changes made to your drawing files with Activity Insights.

AutoCAD Tips, Tricks, and the Most-Dynamic Drafting Techniques
Take your drafting skills to the next level with the sixth installment of the multi-award-winning AutoCAD tips and tricks course that’s supercharged the productivity of thousands of design professionals like you. Donnie “The CAD Geek” Gladfelter entertains, informs, and inspires you with the most-dynamic drafting techniques acquired from nearly 20 years of experience. From simple to advanced, you’ll learn how to apply today’s most innovative AutoCAD tools and discover new ways to maximize existing tools.

Attendees at AU 2023

Save Countless Hours with Techniques to Create Design Using AutoCAD Mechanical
If you want to produce mechanical drawings that are intelligent and easy to manage, this class is for you. Learn how to convert AutoCAD blocks into custom mechanical parts, insert Bills of Materials, and number the parts. In addition, you’ll discover how to annotate more accurate and consistent designs by accessing standardized symbols that automatically update when design changes are made. Check out these valuable insights and more. 

Unleashing Collaboration: The Power of AutoCAD and Autodesk Docs
AutoCAD paves the way for collaboration across people, devices, and platforms that is designed to help decision-makers optimize their workflows. Learn how you can further enhance and simplify this experience for your teams by leveraging a complete cloud-based document management and common data environment with Autodesk Docs.

Elevate your connected workflows with AutoCAD on the web and mobile
Discover the possibilities of incorporating AutoCAD on the web and on mobile within your organization. Whether you’re simply marking up changes on the job site or executing web enable automations, this class walks you through a series of real-world examples. See how the project lifecycle seamlessly extends collaboration to new levels, allowing contributors to unlock the true potential of a subscription to AutoCAD or and AutoCAD Web.

Schematic Design Development with AutoCAD Architecture
Explore the powerful capabilities of the Architecture toolset in the context of schematic design development. This class delves into the key aspects of using the Architecture toolset to develop schematic designs efficiently and effectively. Learn how the software enables architects, designers, and drafters to create and refine initial design concepts, transforming them into comprehensive schematic representations.

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Check out the AU on-demand session directory for more AU 2023 AutoCAD classes.

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