The Most Delightfully Surprising Things Designed in AutoCAD

Fabiola Morcillo

We know AutoCAD is used to design just about everything. From moving chandeliers and art museums to cell phone towers and complex plumbing systems, we know it’s versatile, but even we’re surprised sometimes by just how versatile it is. Here are some of our favorite surprising items designed with help from AutoCAD:

1. Beautiful artwork with an architectural bent? Check.

Fabiola Morcillo

Courtesy: Fabiola Morcillo Núñez via ArchDaily

2. Bilbo Baggins’ hobbit hole! We hope it has enough storage space for second breakfast supplies.

Hobbit Hole

Courtesy: Instructables member danieyellow

3. This intensely gorgeous typography-inspired clock is a TAKE ALL OF MY MONEY kind of design!

Typographic Clock

Courtesy: Instructables member strudl1803

4. Book shelves based on your favorite childhood pressure cooker game. Amazing.

Tetris Bookshelf

Courtesy: Instructables member amandaghassaei

5. When you absolutely need to put a bird on it and don’t live near Portland, just use AutoCAD.

Hatching Coat Hook

Courtesy: Instructables member mikeasaurus

6. Need to live like Bruce Wayne but you’re on a budget? Just look for the AutoCAD signal in the sky.

Batman Garage

Courtesy: @Civil3DTS

7. Looks like it’s time for us to learn how to play chess if only to play with this beautiful set.

Chess Set

Courtesy: @DVSS_Seiler

8. A diamond may be forever, but when you need a more personal touch, create your own engagement ring.

Engagement Ring

Courtesy: Instructables member Honus

9. Finally, this tattoo may or may not have been designed in AutoCAD (we don’t know), but it was at least designed BY AutoCAD – and it’s some quality ink if we do say so ourselves.

AutoCAD Tattoo

Courtesy: The Angry Architect

Vote for your favorite number, and chime in in the comments with the most unexpected thing you’ve designed with AutoCAD!

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