What’s New in AutoCAD 2017? Coordination Model Enhancements

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AutoCAD 2017 - Coordination model object snaps.

No. 14 in the list of top new AutoCAD 2017 features. AutoCAD 2017 coordination models now support standard 2D endpoint and center object snaps, enabling you to snap to precise locations on the coordination model as you design.

“What’s a coordination model?” you ask? Great question!

Coordination models are used to virtually coordinate the various trades through a project’s pre-construction and construction phases. AutoCAD 2016 introduced the ability for you to attach coordination models as underlays to your AutoCAD drawings, which enables you to view them within the context of your AutoCAD model.

Coordination model file formats include BIM 360 Glue and Navisworks. You can see this functionality in the AutoCAD 2016 Navisworks video and BIM 360 Glue video.

For a demo of the object snap enhancements, watch this very brief AutoCAD 2017 Coordination Model video.

AutoCAD 2017 - Coordination model object snaps.

Coordination model object snaps

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