What’s New in AutoCAD 2017? TEXTEDIT Command Enhancement

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AutoCAD 2017 - TEXTEDIT Enhancements

No. 11 in the list of top new AutoCAD 2017 features. In my past few “What’s New in AutoCAD 2017?” posts, I’ve described the tweaks that have made existing AutoCAD commands faster and easier to use. That trend continues here with a review of the small but useful enhancement to the TEXTEDIT AutoCAD command, which now enables you to select existing single- or multi-line text, including text within dimensions, for editing.

See the TEXTEDIT enhancement in action: AutoCAD 2017 User Interface enhancements video.

AutoCAD 2017 - TEXTEDIT Enhancements

TEXTEDIT Enhancements in AutoCAD 2017

New in AutoCAD 2017: TEXTEDIT command

In previous AutoCAD releases you could select only one text object at a time, and you had to restart the command if you wanted to continue selecting and editing additional text. A new Mode option (TEXTEDITMODE system variable) included in the AutoCAD 2017 TEXTEDIT command enables you to continue selecting and editing additional text objects without having to restart the command.

AutoCAD 2017 - Text edit mode option.

Text edit mode option

When the text edit mode is set to Single, the TEXTEDIT command behaves as it did in previous releases. When the mode is set to Multiple, it repeats, enabling you to continue selecting text objects for editing. An Undo option within the Multiple mode enables you to undo previous editing operations.

AutoCAD 2017 - Text edit undo option.

Text edit undo option

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This is the eleventh in a series of deeper dives into the top new AutoCAD 2017 features.

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