New Autodesk Software Collections Available 8.1.16

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Autodesk AEC industry collection. New Autodesk software bundle.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one … As of August 1, you can subscribe to three new Autodesk software collections organized by industry: Architecture, Engineering & Construction; Product Design; and Media & Entertainment. AutoCAD is a key player in the first two (AEC and PD). See more information below.

Not coincidentally, also as August 1, you will no longer be able to purchase Autodesk design and creation suites.

If you’re a current suite customer, or you purchase before August 1, you can easily switch to a new industry collection at any time. No worries if you choose to keep your design or creation suite: Autodesk will support your software for as long as you renew your suite subscription or maintenance plan.

Check out the new Autodesk software collections.

Questions? I’ll bet. Find your answers here.

The case for the new Autodesk software collections

Why opt for a new industry collection? Compared to a design or creation suite, you get more …

  • Value—More software and services at a pretty cool price.
  • Simplicity—Three industry collections, rather than six suites with multiple editions. Enjoy the latest software, a unified procurement cycle, and easier license management.
  • Flexibility—Single- or multi-user access (suites are single-user only) and monthly, quarterly, yearly, and multi-year licenses.
  • Cloud services—More cloud services than available with suites.

Sales of design and creation suites end July 31.

The new Autodesk software collections

Each new industry collection comprises a lot of software. But if you need additional capabilities, you can always subscribe to additional products or cloud services.

Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection

Autodesk AEC industry collection. New Autodesk software bundle.

One essential BIM package for building, civil infrastructure, and construction

Product Design Collection

Autodesk product design industry collection. New Autodesk software bundle.

One essential design and engineering package for product and factory design

Media & Entertainment Collection

Autodesk media & entertainmenht industry collection. New Autodesk software bundle.

One complete 3D animation toolset for visual effects and game development

  • Maya
  • 3ds Max
  • 2 additional Autodesk software tools
  • 4 cloud services

Learn more about the new Autodesk software collections.

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