Create Your Own Beautiful Holiday Centerpieces with AutoCAD

Holiday Centerpieces with AutoCAD: Lasercut Tealight Holders

We know what you’re thinking: it’s the holiday season already? Before you head out shopping (or hit the “Buy” button on Amazon), we thought it might be neat to see how to bring AutoCAD into your seasonal preparations. With a little help from, we discovered some gorgeous designs to help you craft your own Thanksgiving (or Christmas) centerpieces that are guaranteed to make your family evergreen with envy (if that’s the kind of gift you want to give yourself, you Grinch, you, heh heh heh) – or, you know, fill them with pride and love and warm feelings.

Light ‘Em Up

First, we recommend AutoCAD and a 3D printer to create this absolutely stunning Voronoi spiral centerpiece:

Holiday Centerpieces with AutoCAD: 3D Printed Voronoi Spiral Centerpiece8-part Instructable

Next, add even more light to the table (and the room) with these laser cut tealight holders, inspired by Morrocan lanterns:

Holiday Centerpieces with AutoCAD: Lasercut Tealight Holders4-part Instructable

Go Floral

Real flowers will eventually wilt, so why take the chance? Design your ideal fabric flowers with AutoCAD and then laser cut them for perpetually perfect petals:

Holiday Centerpieces with AutoCAD: Lasercut Flowers5-part Instructable

Location, Location, Location

Remind Uncle Bob to sit at the head of the table with a one-of-a-kind turkey (or tree!) placecard:

Holiday Centerpieces with AutoCAD: Lasercut Turkey3-step Instructable
Holiday Centerpieces with AutoCAD: Popout Christmas Trees7-step Instructable

A Pop of Color

OK, this last step involves no AutoCAD or cool technology, but it is a way to involve kids – or to just bring out your inner Martha Stewart. Yep, it’s the classic fall leaves decoration:

Holiday Centerpieces with AutoCAD: Leaves5-part Instructable

Not familiar with Instructables? It’s “a place that lets you explore, document, and share your creations.” You can find member-created guides on everything from cooking, crafting, home and improvement, to game design, programming, and the Internet of things (IoT). They even have an entire Holiday section! Check out the site, get your creativity going, and don’t look back.

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