Bracketology Reimagined: March CADness 2017!


Some people can’t live without college basketball, and some people can’t live without AutoCAD. The former has had NCAA March Madness for close to a century, but this year, the latter gets something just as good: March CADnessWe’ve grabbed the 32 most-used command line commands, seeded them by frequency of usage, and put together a tournament for the AutoCAD faithful!

How March CADness Works

First, check out our bracket:

Second, vote for your favorites on Twitter, and check back each day to see who’s advancing. Hey, if you want to start an office pool, we won’t stop you! Think that top seeded ERASE will go all the way? Can number 25 seed EXTEND upset 8 seed OFFSET? The AutoCAD Twitter community holds the fates of all 32 commands in their hands.

The Matchups to Look Out for

We all think we know who’ll advance, but, as the old sports adage goes, “that’s why they play the games!” And unlike traditional sports, your votes can actually lead your favorite commands to victory (…or crushing defeat). That being said, here are the first round matchups that we think are worth highlighting:

March 14: ERASE (1) vs RECTANG (32)

Why: ERASE should cruise to an easy W over last-ranked RECTANG, but we know the RECTANG crew has spirit, while ERASE may be complacent and overworked after so much use this year.

March 17: LINE (4) vs CIRCLE (29)

Why: This rivalry goes back to the days of Euclid, but LINE’s been on fire since the introduction of angles. On the other hand, we think CIRCLE has a fighting chance, thanks to the beautiful OMNIA Nightclub circular chandelier designed by Tait Towers.

March 23: PASTECLIP (16) vs OPEN (17)

Why: As the most evenly matched game should be, this one’s a tossup. Which can you live without? The ability to paste from the clipboard with a quick command, or the ability to open up a file? We can’t even speculate about who holds the advantage here, but the winner moves on to fight the victor of ROTATE vs CHPROP, so it’s a particularly tough group.

Get the Latest

The easiest way to get all your March CADness news will be to follow us on Twitter, or to bookmark this post, as we’ll be updating the bracket daily throughout the tournament. Chime in with your predictions in the comments, but most of all, enjoy the CADness!

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