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CAD manager and users implementing new CAD software. Autodesk CAD Manager Center.

A new AutoCAD® release will mean different things to different CAD managers, but there’s one point you all seem to agree on: Implementing new CAD software makes the daily grind a bit bumpier than usual. Thankfully, Cadalyst columnist Robert Green has developed a short list of well-tuned best practices for turning the implementation process into one smooth ride. So sit down and read on. It’s clear sailing ahead.

Best practices for implementing new CAD software

Read Robert’s article and get started on his eight-step guide for CAD implementation success.

  1. Perform a trial deployment
  2. Target first projects
  3. Review/modify standards
  4. Build a training plan
  5. Select the first trainees
  6. Create a phased implementation strategy
  7. Manage user and management expectations
  8. Go!

This article was developed by the editors of Cadalyst—purveyor of information, advice, and tips for CAD managers and users—and is published in the Autodesk CAD Manager Center with permission of the publisher.

CAD manager and users implementing new CAD software. Autodesk CAD Manager Center.

Ah, the pleasantries of implementing new CAD software….

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