Behind the Scenes of the AutoCAD Team: Rajeshree Dembla, Product Manager

Rajeshree Dembla AutoCAD team product manager

Rajeshree Dembla first joined the AutoCAD team as an intern in 2013. She loved the culture and people so much that she wanted to return as soon as possible after graduation. She did just that and found a role as a product manager. Here, Dembla shares her role, favorite AutoCAD features, and what it’s really like to work on the AutoCAD team.

What are your day-to-day responsibilities?   
I am the product manager for AutoCAD for Mac and AutoCAD LT for Mac. My main responsibility is to focus on the customer and make sure we’re evolving AutoCAD by solving the right customer problems. I socialize these problems within my organization. I’m involved in the concept to delivery of these features so it includes interacting with other functions like legal, engineering, design, marketing, and other product groups.

What is your favorite part of the job?
I love it when customers share their designs! AutoCAD is such a powerful tool and the way our customers use it to create innovative designs is mind blowing.

Do you have a favorite AutoCAD command?
PURGE. It’s so critical to get rid of the excess data so we can work on clean, accurate drawings.

Rajeshree Dembla AutoCAD TeamDo you have a favorite AutoCAD feature?
In AutoCAD for Mac we have invested a lot of effort into user experience, and specifically the user interface. One of my favorite features being able to fully customize Advanced Toolsets. I also really like the new split screen feature, so you can have multiple instances of AutoCAD for Mac running side by side.

What are you most proud of about your work on AutoCAD?
That’s a tough one, but I’d say the new modern UI in AutoCAD for Mac. It’s intuitive, responsive, and gives users the flexibility to customize their AutoCAD screen per their needs.

What gets you out of bed and into work every day?
AutoCAD is a professional tool used by millions of people. The thought that I’m able to help so many customers and make a positive change to their workflow is what motivates me immensely.

If you have any memories of interactions with AutoCAD users, could you share that?    
I was at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco barbecuing with my friends on a Saturday when a bunch of people walked towards me and asked if I work for Autodesk. My Autodesk hoodie is what gave it away. They were architecture students who were learning to use AutoCAD and Revit in school. It was amazing to hear stories about their designs and product use. I also ended up inviting them to tour our gallery (which showcases our customer designs) the week after.

When you tell friends and family that you work on AutoCAD, what is their response?
I have friends who use AutoCAD on a daily basis and they’re always trying to bribe me to build features that will help them. Those are funny conversations.

Do you have a favorite building, product or cool thing that was designed with AutoCAD?
The Bay Bridge in San Francisco. (It’s also our view from the SF office!) When it’s lit at night, it looks so magnificent.

What is one thing that you think most people do not know about AutoCAD?
The LISP commands that help users automate repetitive parts of their process. I wish more users leveraged this to save time.

Behind the Scenes of the AutoCAD Team is a series spotlighting Autodesk employees devoted to developing AutoCAD further every day. Check out all of the installments here.

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