AutoCAD 2023.1 and AutoCAD LT 2023.1 Updates Now Available

AutoCAD 2023.1

The AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT 2023.1 updates are here!

With this update, you can further improve your efficiency and collaboration processes, and easily find the answers to your questions. Whether you want to improve performance by diagnosing where your operations may be slowing down, simplify your creation sheet sets in the cloud, or find additional ways to access support options, AutoCAD 2023.1 has something for you.

Here is what you need to know about the new update to AutoCAD 2023 and AutoCAD LT 2023, now available everywhere.

If you are on AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT 2023, you will see the updates automatically in the Autodesk desktop app as soon as they are available. Just accept the update and the new features will be installed right away. If you are not on the latest version of AutoCAD, please reach out to our sales team or talk to your CAD manager about upgrading to take advantage of the newest features.

Further improvements for the Sheet Set Manager for Cloud

With the newest update, you now have several new capabilities for AutoCAD on the web to make your collaboration easier. First, you can now create sheet sets in Autodesk Docs. New features in the AutoCAD menus in desktop, web, or mobile will allow you to create your sheet sets with a click of a button.

In addition to this, we have added several additional capabilities for the Sheet Set Manager on the web. You can import layouts to a cloud sheet set, rename or re-number your sheets, automatically add sheet numbers to new sheets, manage support files, add custom properties, and more.

AutoCAD 2023.1 update sheet set manager

Learn where you can improve performance in AutoCAD

The new Performance Analyzer feature in AutoCAD 2023.1 helps you diagnose operations within AutoCAD that may seem slow or unresponsive. From the ribbon or using the command PERFANALYZER, you can open a palette to record your AutoCAD usage and generate a report to help understand why certain operations may be slow, such as opening AutoCAD or a drawing, moving your mouse, switching layouts, plotting or printing layouts, and much more. The Performance Analyzer is available only to AutoCAD subscribers.

AutoCAD Performance Analyzer

Try out the new Autodesk Assistant for help (Beta version, available in USA, English version only)

The new Autodesk Assistant provides AI-guided self-service and support options from within AutoCAD. With the assistant, you can chat with a support agent, find solutions to product questions, or create a support case.

To access the Autodesk Assistant, all you need to do is use F1 on your keyboard or click the Help drop-down menu from the ribbon, and then follow the notifications that appear in the lower-right corner of the window. When you click the icon, the assistant will open, and you can chat with a virtual assistant.

For now, the Autodesk Assistant is in beta and is only available for customers in the USA using the English version of AutoCAD 2023 and 2023.1.

Autodesk Assistant AutoCAD Update

Learn more about the AutoCAD 2023.1 update

Check out the updates for AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT 2023.1 on the Autodesk Knowledge Network. If you have an AutoCAD subscription, download AutoCAD 2023.1 and AutoCAD LT 2023.1 from your Autodesk desktop app or find it in your Autodesk account.

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