• Innovation at Istanbul Metro

    The Istanbul Kabatas-Mecidiyekoy-Mahmutbey Metro Civil and Electromechanical Design & Construction Works project, managed by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) – Directorate of European Side Rail Systems, is a mass transportation railway…

  • Disruptive Civil Engineering Opportunities

    Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Data (IoT), Code, Cloud, Civil Engineering. Which one doesn’t belong? They all belong and a couple more—BIM, BEM, Automation, Parametric Modeling. Our world is fast becoming a…

  • Construction logistics, planning and sequencing

    WSP improves communication and coordination for all projects stakeholders on complex road, bridge and tunnel projects.

  • CCCC designs container terminal for Gaolan Port

    BIM process helps save 60 days and 10 million Yuan. Read more.

  • Denver’s Airport Expansion primes a push toward BIM

    See how multiple disciplines used Autodesk technology to support BIM processes on complex projects. Read more.

  • Exploring the art of the possible

    BIM plus the power of cloud-enabled technology fosters innovative projects Do you find yourself saying things would be better “if only…”? You could have a better design, a shorter schedule,…