Discover What’s New in Autodesk Forma: June 2024 Update  

Autodesk Forma Team June 18, 2024

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Autodesk Forma recently celebrated a year since launch—a significant milestone that also represents a year’s worth of valuable user feedback and learnings gained. Forma’s current capabilities such as its sustainability-focused predictive analytics, automation, conceptual design and collaboration tools are quickly being recognized as a huge time saver for pre-design and schematic design phases.

Amidst the growing excitement around Forma, we’ve dedicated the past few months to MAKING FORMA BETTER and here are some of our favorite improvements.

The most exciting update from this quarter is the new Forma Board, a digital whiteboard built within Forma, bringing new possibilities for collaboration to AEC professionals. We understand that conveying your design intent and process can get a little exhaustive and time consuming. This latest collaborative tool, a flexible addition to Forma’s design and analysis capabilities, enables you to quickly bring together, visualize and more effortlessly communicate your design ideas to all stakeholders.

Screenshot of Forma board

In addition, we’ve advanced the solar energy analysis out of beta, improved in-product navigation, and introduced so many more thoughtful updates.

And the best part is, as a cloud product, Autodesk Forma will immediately grant you access to all the new features as soon as they go live – no need to upgrade anything!

Want to learn more about our latest updates? Read this overview and join us for our product update webinar on 24th June as we walk you through all of Forma’s new features and capabilities.

Register here: What’s new in Autodesk Forma | June 2024 update

Autodesk Forma is available both as part of the AEC Collection and as a standalone subscription. Access your Forma hub now and give it a try!

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