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Gabby Winkey Gabby Winkey April 30, 2024

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Increasingly complex AEC projects create a demand for powerful design management and collaboration tools as well as innovative ways to stand out from the competition. With this in mind, we’re thrilled to unveil several updates to BIM Collaborate Pro that can help meet the industry’s evolving needs.

These updates include an entitlement to Tandem for AEC at no extra cost. As a major step in the transformation of project delivery, this will  help firms create, deliver, and maintain data-enriched digital twins. Another update that helps AEC firms expand their business comes in response to shifting local data regulations: the opening of a new regional data storage location in Australia. A new Correspondence tool for better design management as well as various enhancements to streamline review processes and coordination workflows are also now available.

Let’s explore these new features of BIM Collaborate Pro and their benefits for AEC firms and projects.

Transform Project Delivery with a Digital Twin

BIM Collaborate Pro subscribers now have access to Tandem for AEC, a cloud-based digital twin solution that empowers AEC firms to build, deliver, and maintain digital twins throughout their projects and hand them over to clients with intelligent asset data already incorporated.

Delivering a digital twin not only caters to clients’ operational needs but also adds substantial value. Tandem for AEC enables firms to expand their service offerings, supporting their clients’ digital transformation in building design and operations.

With its integration to Docs, compatibility with Revit & IFC models, automation, and other data capture features, Tandem for AEC makes informative twin building not only repeatable, but also scalable. 

It means that project teams can start with the end in mind. They can kickstart the digital twin-building process right at the project’s inception, customizing data views to meet clients’ needs.

Starting early with the digital twin helps to prevent data fragmentation and loss during project handovers. The digital transition strategy also boosts data accessibility by packaging asset and maintenance information with the project’s digital model.

Expanding Data Storage Regions

In our commitment to serving global customers, we’re excited to announce that a new data storage location in Australia is now available for Autodesk Construction Cloud offerings, including BIM Collaborate and BIM Collaborate Pro.

This means that BIM Collaborate Pro users can choose to store project data primarily in the US, EU, or Australia. The additional location offers our customers more control and choice in managing their project data and optimized performance through reduced latency.

Streamlining Design Management with a New Correspondence Tool

BIM Collaborate Pro subscribers now have a new Correspondence tool that helps to store all project-related communications directly in the project in the Autodesk Construction Cloud.

Users can create, import, manage, and even initiate communications in the same environment where they share other projects, collaborate on design reviews, and more. Instead of losing track of project emails in an inbox or desktop folder, team members can now attach communications to the project itself within BIM Collaborate Pro.

Access to project correspondence is available from the Design Collaboration Module or the Model Coordination Module. With correspondence stored in one centralized and cloud-based location, the whole team has access to a single source of project information — which helps to streamline design management and increase transparency.

Boosting Project Collaboration with the Latest Enhancements

We’ve also made improvements to other modules within BIM Collaborate Pro, including Docs, Model Coordination, Design Collaboration, and Collaboration for Civil 3D. All are aimed at streamlining project collaboration and boosting team efficiency.

Added flexibility for reviews

This update adds more flexibility and customization during the review process. It’s more intuitive and fosters effective collaboration:

Increased team collaboration on issues

Upgrades to issue management make 2D and 3D markups more visible to team members, which will help improve design collaboration and model coordination.

Enhanced issues pins allow web and mobile users to view and access issues information on their 2D files. When adding a new issue in 3D markups, an issue thumbnail is automatically created, so the issue pushpin can easily be found with the digital model. Team members can mark up thumbnails with additional information like further insights or possible solutions to boost design collaboration and issue resolution.

Improved Model Coordination with advanced filters and object exclusions

BIM Collaborate Pro’s Model Coordination now offers advanced filters and object exclusions for more control. Users can create and apply rule-based filters for a customized and hyper-relevant view of the digital model. They can filter out the information they don’t need and save a custom view of the model that shows only the information that is important to their work. Advanced filters streamline project workflows like on-site execution and clash detection.

A new object exclusions tab enables users to exclude specific model objects from automatic clash detection. They can exclude objects that don’t need clashing or objects that are duplicated across multiple models. This helps reduce the number of clashes, enhances efficiency during model coordination reviews, and improves the performance of the automatic clash detection function.

Accelerated performance in Civil 3D

This update to BIM Collaborate Pro also extends to Collaboration for Civil 3D. Civil 3D now supports the .NET 8 framework, resulting in better performance, added security, and continued support.

Additional updates to the default settings for file saving will help reduce the wait time when syncing to the cloud. These enhancements make it easier for Civil 3D users to collaborate with the larger project team in BIM Collaborate Pro.

We’re continually upgrading our products to meet the needs of customers and advance the AEC industry. BIM Collaborate Pro enables cloud-based design collaboration for multi-disciplinary teams helping to streamline design management, foster collaboration, and improve efficiency. Find out how Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro can transform your business today

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