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The Factory The Factory September 26, 2023

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By: Aitana Marcos Guinea

Are you looking to simplify the migration of your Civil 3D or AutoCAD project data from your local storage to the cloud? Look no further than Autodesk® DWG Migration for Docs! This free application, available on the Autodesk app store, streamlines the migration process, enabling you to initiate work-sharing with others more quickly and efficiently.

How does this application work?

Autodesk® DWG Migration for Docs scans all files within your dataset and filters them, ensuring only the necessary files migrate to Autodesk Docs. Once the application identifies the desired dataset, it searches for data integrity issues that could affect collaborative workflows’ efficiency in the future.

Autodesk DWG Migrations for Docs application select data screen showing pending wheel.

In performing checks, this application automatically highlights files that would result in long paths in the destination path, files not supported by Autodesk Docs, and files containing circular references that could slow down the syncing process.

What can you do with the DWG Migration for Docs tool?

The DWG Migration for Docs app provides enhanced functionality to resolve issues requiring user action, such as repairing broken reference paths and incorporating files used as references but not initially part of the data set. This enhanced functionality enables users to resolve those references and add the corresponding files inside the migration set, ensuring that all users accessing them from Autodesk Docs can work with a complete and healthy dataset.

Autodesk DWG Migrations for Docs application select data screen showing with list of issues with their respective status icon.

Finally, the application produces a summary of the files that will undergo migration, giving you the option to export it to a CSV format for further review. Next, we employ Desktop Connector functionality to upload all the specified files, incorporating the fixes made in previous steps.

Autodesk DWG Migrations for Docs application check data integrity screen showing a list of data undergoing checks.

The Autodesk® DWG Migration for Docs also notifies users of the upload status for each file, ensuring that their data is successfully migrated to Autodesk Docs and enabling the commencement of collaboration.

Autodesk DWG Migrations for Docs application review summary screen reporting the health of the selected data.

Why should you use DWG Migration for Docs?

Data integrity is essential for a smooth collaborative experience in the cloud, whether you use Collaboration for Civil 3D or AutoCAD for collaboration workflows. Users of these solutions will benefit by working with a more robust dataset in Autodesk Docs after processing it through this application.

See how it works!

Check out the demo video to see how Autodesk® DWG Migration for Docs streamlines the migration process, making collaboration more efficient than ever before!

To learn more about Autodesk® DWG Migration for Docs, see:

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