Customer Feedback: How You Can Help Shape the Future of Revit

Kimberly Fuhrman Kimberly Fuhrman September 20, 2022

3 min read

You are working on a Revit project, and something happens. You suddenly have an idea for a feature you need. Or something just is not working the way it should. Maybe you would just like to see what is in the works for a future Revit release. Where do you go?

There are several ways to interact with Autodesk product teams to give feedback and suggestions for improvements. Opportunities range from simple forum posts (Revit Ideas) to more in-depth beta testing directly with the world-wide Revit community. There are even ways to give feedback directly within Revit! We will start with the easiest way to give feedback and work our way up to some of the more detailed opportunities.

AEC Public Roadmaps

A quick and easy way to see what our product teams are working on is with the Revit Public Roadmap. The cards show what was released in the latest version, as well as the features and enhancements that may be currently in development. Click on each card for more information and add your vote to the features that are important to you.

Revit Ideas

The Revit Ideas forum is where you can add your “Ideas” for improvements or features you think should be added to Revit. With the thousands of Ideas already posted, there is a good chance your Idea may already be there. Do a quick search using simple keywords (rather than full sentences) to find existing Ideas that may be like yours. In that case you can add your “Like” to the post and comment to give additional details or ask questions.

Our product teams scour the Ideas regularly to inform the development of our products. Watch this YouTube video for more information and see how Autodesk product development is informed by your feedback at the Customer Value Hub.


Generally, the Autodesk Forums are a great place to find support on an issue or help for workflow and processes. Customers active on the forums help provide solutions to common issues or questions, and those that cannot be resolved are often escalated to our product teams for support. Within Revit, survey engagements ask for feedback across a sampling of customers on an ongoing basis. We continually monitor these comments for potential issues and necessary improvements.

Research Community

To engage more directly with product research, our Autodesk Research Community is the place to be. The Research Community also posts “Sharebacks” explaining what we heard from your feedback and how it is being integrated into development. Once you sign up for access to the Community, you will be able to give feedback directly to our teams on specific research requests. You will have opportunities to participate in as little or as much research as you prefer, or as your schedule allows. You may even receive an incentive for participating!


Finally, if you really want to dig into the nuts and bolts of Revit development, join the Revit Preview Release beta program. Once you join the Feedback community, email to be added to the Revit Preview project. The Preview Release gives you access to the software currently in beta. There is an option to work with the software in our virtual Frame environment, so no need to download additional software. You can work on your projects with the new features and enhancements currently in development and provide feedback in the related discussion forums.

Inside the Factory

Monthly “Inside the Factory” events provide real-time opportunities to work with our developers in a testing session. Feedback received in the beta forums goes directly to our development teams for rapid response. You get to interact directly with the people working on our product, share ideas and hear firsthand how your ideas have impacted development.

Our product teams truly value your feedback and work to improve the quality of Revit continually. As someone who has been on the production side of Revit as a customer for many years, I have come to appreciate the efforts of the development teams trying to make Revit better for everyone. With your help, we can continue to move Revit forward together.

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