Have You Tried? InfraWorks Grading Areas

Rita Bachkhanji Rita Bachkhanji November 29, 2021

1 min read

Looking to expedite your workflow in InfraWorks? We are very excited for the Have You Tried this month, featuring an amazing tool: Grading Areas.  
Check it out with us!  

Grading areas help you identify development areas in an InfraWorks model. It helps update grading information and add grading styles without affecting the unidentified areas. And the best part about using Grading styles is allowing you to specify cut slope, cut material, fill slope, and fill material values. 

As a user, you can sketch new grading areas, import polygons from other products – including Civil 3D – as grading areas into InfraWorks, and modify the grading of a selected area. 

In this Have You Tried, we’ll go over how to: 

Head over to the InfraWorks Have You Tried topic to learn more about the Grading Areas feature!  

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