Revit 2022 Ideas and Roadmap – Top 5

Kimberly Fuhrman Kimberly Fuhrman June 7, 2021

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Revit 2022 is undoubtedly one of the more robust updates we have seen coming from Inside the Factory. Increased functionality, new features and enhancements make Revit 2022 an update to remember. About half of the new features and enhancements came directly from your ideas via the Revit Ideas forum.

When an Idea has been added to a Revit release (meaning the release is available for download), the Idea will be marked as “Implemented” on the Ideas forum. When a feature is under development and has been added to the Revit Public Roadmap, any associated Ideas are marked as “Accepted”. We are going to highlight the Top 5 Revit Ideas that were implemented in Revit 2022 (by number of votes), and then we will explore the Top 5 Revit Ideas that have been added to the Trello Public Roadmap.

Top 5 Revit Ideas Implemented in Revit 2022

#1 – 2D PDF Printing (1291 Votes) – submitted by dplumb_BWBR

The name really says it all. The Idea with the most votes that was implemented in Revit 2022 goes to 2D PDF printing. This feature allows users to create PDFs directly from Revit sheets and views. This has been a long-awaited request, and certainly a welcome addition to the new release.

#2 – Shared Parameters in Key Schedules (1048 Votes) – submitted by michael_coffey

Another long-awaited request is fulfilled by the ability to add Shared Parameters to Key Schedules which increases the functionality and usefulness of both. Shared Parameters in Key Schedules can be used to drive geometry or control visibility in families.

#3 – Split Schedules Across Sheets (821 Votes) – submitted by chris_mckeown

The ability to split schedules and place segments on separate sheets is a huge improvement in schedules. Large schedules are easily split with one click and the segment sizes can be modified by grips. Segments can be rejoined by deleting the split segment.

#4 Tapered Walls (750 Votes) – submitted by angela_bachetti

Tapered Walls (or Sloped Walls per Angela’s Idea) are an entirely new feature for Revit 2022. This feature allows users to slope the wall vertically on one or both sides. Angela’s request was very simple…”Please don’t let us draw another mass.” Tapered Walls is a great start to increased functionality with Walls.

#5 – Phase Parameters in View Filters (622 Votes) – submitted by Jason.kunkel

Adding Phase Parameters allows users to apply View Filters to different categories using the Phase Created or Phase Demolished parameters. This gives greater flexibility for visibility and graphics for objects dependent on Phases.

Top 5 Revit Ideas added to the Public Roadmap

The Revit Public Roadmap is where the magic is happening! The Roadmap shows features and enhancements that are currently in production. This does not guarantee that they will make it into the software, and it may take some time to implement, but these are the items that our product teams are actively working on.

#1 – Content Management and Delivery (1144 Votes) – submitted by bosborne

This Idea focuses on the Project Browser and specifically on how Families are organized within the Project Browser. The Revit Public Roadmap card extends this to include providing “tools for managing and placing Revit content (families and other types of content) across companies and projects”.

#2 – Snap to Mid-point between two points (737 Votes) – submitted by bosborne

Object snaps are helpful tools which aid in precision drawing and modeling. A feature in AutoCAD for a long time, the ability to snap to a point that is halfway between two other points is a handy feature when doing any kind of drawing or modeling.

#3 – Duplicate Sheets (531 Votes) – submitted by damjanuzelac

This one is pretty straightforward. Users are looking for a way to create duplicate Sheets in the Project Browser or right-click menu without having to set up a new sheet every time. The request in the Ideas goes on to ask for options for the views that have been placed on the sheet being duplicated – perhaps an option to duplicate the views, or an option to duplicate the sheet without the views.

#4 – Real 3D Topography (377 Votes) – submitted by arek.keshishian and more!

Topography has been a very hot topic in the Revit Ideas. Currently topography in Revit is created as a surface. Having 3D topography will allow cutting, joining, and other functions that are expected. Get ready to move some dirt!

#5 – Tag Model Groups and Links (264 Votes) – submitted by Alaa.ElKabbany (Tag Model Groups) and ssethi (Tag Revit Links)

Two Ideas combined into one – the ability to tag Model Groups and Revit Links. Currently this functionality is not available for either feature. This will be a great enhancement for documentation and scheduling purposes.

Honorable MentionReal 3D Wall Layers – so many Votes, so Many Ideas!

We wanted to include this item from the Roadmap because there are so many Ideas that could be related to this feature. It was difficult to come up with a fair vote count! Since there are so many Ideas, and this item has 88 Votes on the Trello board, we thought it to be worthy of mention. According to the Roadmap, this feature “adds the the ability to have 3d geometry for wall layers that enables better graphical control, more accurate quantities, and easier modeling of more complex wall layer conditions and joins.” Walls are starting to gain more flexibility for better customization and modification.

So, votes on Revit Ideas matter the most?

Not exactly! Votes are important in letting the product teams know what our customers value the most. But votes on Ideas, are not the only criteria that is used to decide what goes into development. If it were, there would be several other Ideas ahead of those that are listed above! Developers have to look at a variety of criteria, including availability of teams, cost, time, and feasibility. There are also many other sources of feedback and customer input that developers use to determine what to work on next. That is not to downplay the votes on either the Ideas or the Roadmap – as stated before, votes are a great indicator of customer sentiment and sometimes the only feedback we receive on an Idea comes from the number of votes. So, go add your vote to your favorite Ideas and items on the Roadmap, or add your own unique Ideas!

Unfortunately, not all Ideas are able to be implemented. Sorry to be a downer! Software development is a complex machine that is constantly churning, and the humans Inside the Factory truly want to make Revit better for everyone. While we would hope to be able to address everyone’s individual wishes, we will continue to address customer feedback and strive to make Revit better any way we can!

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