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Bobby del Rosario Bobby del Rosario May 11, 2020

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On May 11, 2020, Autodesk announced the acquisition of ProjectExplorer for Autodesk® Civil 3D® (ProjectExplorer) from 3AM Solutions (UK) Limited, a UK-based privately-owned technology company. This product delivers easy to use, user-configurable report generator and design review tools into Civil 3D, enabling Civil 3D users to: simplify project data navigation, review, and model editing; more easily discover and evaluate design criteria warnings to help meet design standards; and, generate custom reports and tables that meet delivery requirements.

“We are excited by how ProjectExplorer addresses many strategic customer requests in the areas of reporting and table generation. As we spent even more time with the product, it became clear that it offered users a more accessible, holistic, and informative understanding of the Civil 3D model. Information otherwise exposed in disparate Civil 3D properties and inquiry interfaces is surfaced in a unified panel where users can view, edit, and assess design conditions. We are thrilled to welcome this technology into the Autodesk Infrastructure solution family.”

– Dave Simeone, Sr. Product Manager, Autodesk, Inc.

Here’s what you need to know about this acquisition:

Is 3AM Solutions being acquired by Autodesk?
No, Autodesk is not acquiring 3AM Solutions. 3AM Solutions will continue to operate as an independent business.

Will ProjectExplorer continue to be available as a standalone product from 3AM Solutions?
As of this announcement, ProjectExplorer is no longer available as a standalone product from 3AM Solutions.

Will current ProjectExplorer customers continue to be supported by 3AM Solutions?
3AM Solutions is committed to providing direct product support to customers with a current subscription or annual maintenance contract of ProjectExplorer. Support to these customers will be made available until a customer’s subscription or maintenance contracts expire.

Current ProjectExplorer customers with additional questions about licenses, support, or other inquiries, can contact 3AM Solutions via email at

What will happen to ProjectExplorer now that the product is owned by Autodesk?
While the specifics of how the product will be integrated into Civil 3D and the timing of its availability from Autodesk has yet to be determined, Autodesk is excited to make this technology part of the Infrastructure solutions offering. Acquiring this toolset enables Autodesk to apply its scale in support and product development resources to this solution, providing greater opportunities for the advancement of future capabilities.

In addition, it is important to note that 3AM Solutions is committed to continue working with Autodesk to help guide the development of this toolset to enhance design efficiencies with Civil 3D even further.

“I’m very excited to be working with Autodesk to help bring ProjectExplorer to a much wider audience. I know that Civil 3D users are going to be delighted about getting a powerful tool for building custom reports, spreadsheets and dynamic tables. But more than that, users are going to be surprised to learn how this tool can help them to better understand their projects and work more efficiently within Civil 3D. This acquisition should be a win-win for everybody concerned.”

– Bruce Harfield, Director, 3AM Solutions (UK) Limited

Questions for Autodesk?
If you would like to hear from an Autodesk representative regarding the acquisition of ProjectExplorer or the capabilities of this toolset, please send us an email at

For the latest news and information about this acquisition and other Autodesk Infrastructure products, please visit this blog site regularly. If you’re interested in learning more about Civil 3D, visit the Civil 3D product center.

For now, if you would like to learn more about ProjectExplorer, visit

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