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mrasmussen mrasmussen June 28, 2019

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If you said yes to any of the three questions above, then this news is for you:

Architectural Community Virtual Meetup July 23, 2019

You won’t want to miss the first Architectural Community Virtual Meetup. Make time on the 4th Tuesday of each month to connect online as a community to check in with other architects and ask your questions about Revit, AutoCAD, and other Autodesk software for architects. We’ll share tips & tricks at each meeting and will have open Q & A with architectural experts who will address your questions as well as suggestions. In July, we will have Michael Kilkelly, an architect who operates at the intersection of design and technology, as our guest speaker.

Michael Kilkelly

Michael is the founder of Space Command, a design and technology firm in Middletown, CT. He will talk with us about the content he created for the Autodesk Architect Learning Center.   We will discuss how the content benefits your teams and ultimately, your clients.

Register for the free meetup today.

Project-Based Connected Learning Hub launching in July

I’m extremely pleased to share that we are very close to launching  a new learning hub delivering training that will help architects collaborating with other disciplines or firms on the same projects learn how to coordinate better. Because it’s project-based, the new Connected Learning Hub is the ideal place to learn industry best practices and try new or unexplored features of our software using  a practice project dataset we provide, which makes it ok to make mistakes. You can practice key workflows before implementing them on billable work. The best part is that it is geared toward the busy architectural professional. You’ll be able to improve your skills in just 15-20 minutes per day.

Here are the top four reasons to try this new learning experience:

  1. It’s project-based. All courses center on the same mixed-use development dataset that includes buildings, surrounding roads, and parking (shown in the image below). While courses can be taken individually, they all support a connected team environment. Mixed use development Connected Learning Hubrchitect
  2. Experience simulated interaction between disciplines. Architects never work in isolation, and the courses are driven by a strong story-line that has different roles interacting with each other. Collaboration is supported by community discussions, natively embedded into the course experience.
  3. It’s easy to fit into your schedule. Every module, course and challenge has a distinct structure and works with other content types. The information is chunked and organized so that it can deliver value in as little as 15-20 minutes, and at the same time can be architected to provide a full self-paced learning experience.
  4. Tangible value. Get proof of accomplishment upon completion that you can use to document your professional development.

Learn more and register here to be notified when the learning center goes live.

I look forward to seeing you take advantage of the Architectural Community Virtual Meetup and the new Connected Learning Hub. Your success matters to us.

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