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Your Easy Win for Staff Development = Communities of Practice

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    Communities of practice encourage collaboration and peer-to-peer mentoring and ultimately provide a company with a viable conduit to communicate company-specific learning and training resources and requirements. More importantly, communities of practice and their blended learning environments are quickly becoming a key factor in employee retention. In this age of technology, what does it take to retain the right staff and ensure that their skill set is evolving with the software tools you employ to complete projects? In this class, we explore the steps you need to take to make full use of your internal and external communities of users to promote and provide an environment of continuous learning. Examples are from a multi-office company with a global Autodesk® product user base.

    Key Learnings

    • Describe what a community of practice is
    • Explain how a community of practice can enhance learning
    • Assemble a blend of learning resources to start a paradigm shift in the way you educate staff
    • Create communications that relay important learning messages that staff will actually read, hear, and use