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Work with Legacy Data or Data from Other CAD Systems in Different Ways
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Have you got non-native Inventor data that you have to work with? Or have you made the decision to standardize on Inventor, but your current design data is in a different CAD format. What can you do now? How can you use these data? Is there a way to make them feature based? Yes, there is a way. This class will feature the Inventor-included tools for working with BREP data and will show you how GoToINVENTOR from International TechneGroup (ITI) can help you to automate a fully feature-based data conversion.

Key Learnings

  • Learn different possibilities for working with data from other systems.
  • Learn how BREP data can be edited via Direct Edit.
  • Learn how to address challenges associated with CAD conversion projects.
  • Get to know ITI's GoToINVENTOR solution for automated feature-based CAD consolidation.



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