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Women in XR: Changing how we work, play and interact

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    This session will be a panel of leading women in XR in technology, AEC and media industries who will share their insights about their careers in the XR industry. The panel will bring together talent from a broad spectrum to help shape conversations around the opportunities in XR for women. We will also discuss how to overcome challenges and what the future of the XR looks like with a more inclusive culture. We will emphasize equal representation for innovation and how to create new solutions in immersive technology. All are welcome!

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about women’s insights and experiences about their careers in the XR industry
    • Hear from Women leaders about challenges in XR and learn how to create opportunities
    • Discover how immersive technology will change the way we work, play and interact with futuristic systems
    • What to expect in future for XR