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Vault Extensions Deep Dive—Explore Vault Extension and Automation Programming
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Vault data management software isn't just a single program; it's a framework, composed of many pieces like CAD add-in or Vault Explorer (Client) working together. Some of these pieces are customizable and some are not. This class will discuss the different capabilities of the Vault API, in particular, details of Vault Explorer extensions, custom jobs, and custom event handlers-including aspects like debugging, security, and other sophisticated topics.

Key Learnings

  • Understand the details of the Vault API, and learn how to create your own functionality and extend existing Vault features
  • Learn how to create and debug own Vault Explorer extensions, jobs, and event handlers
  • Learn how to create your own Vault Explorer extensions, your own jobs, and your own event handlers to automate workflows and repetitive tasks
  • Learn how to use Vault functionalities from within own applications or from within custom Inventor add-ins



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