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VRED Professional: An API Overview with Focus on Creating Custom User Interfaces

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    This course will provide an overview of VRED Professional software’s API, with a focus on how to create custom user interfaces. Topics will include the various VRED software products and the level of API support for each; an introduction to Python scripting programming; instructions on how to use the VRED Professional software’s API; and instructions on how to integrate your Python code into VRED Professional software. We will also cover what's new in the VRED Professional 2016 software’s API; an introduction to PySide software; an example of VRED Professional software custom user interfaces using PySide; and how to control VRED Professional software from a web browser, as well as other topics.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about what's new in the VRED Professional 2016 API
    • Discover Python and pySide basics
    • Learn how to develop extensions for VRED Professional
    • Learn how to create custom user interfaces for VRED professional