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Using the Vault API and View and Data API Together to Download and View Assemblies

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    In this class you will see how you can use the Vault software API and the View and Data API together. The View and Data API enables you to programmatically view models in 3D in a browser. The Vault software API enables you to download files from Vault software. The topics covered in this class will be from an application that uses C# Vault API calls to download files along with View and Data API REST calls to translate the files. You will see how to use the View and Data API JavaScript functions to view the translated files. Please note that prior programming knowledge with C#, REST, and JavaScript is recommended. This class is not suitable for people who do not have any programming experience.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to use the Vault API to download files
    • Learn how to use the REST View and Data API to translate files
    • Learn how to use JavaScript View Data API to view files
    • Learn how to use different APIs from a single custom application