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Using Dynamo and Generative Design to Simplify Complex 3D Schematic Design

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    What do you do when a Building Owner comes to you with a list of 100,000 space-occupying things they want you to organize for them in three dimensions, and then revises the list every month until it is done? This Case Study of how a SSOE worked through a complex series of relationships between objects involving multiple overlapping regulatory standards and environmental requirements. Computation and Generative Design worked together to help keep us sane, operate more efficiently and improve customer satisfaction. We have this process is repeatable and think design optimization is real. Join us to find whether our story inspires you to explore automation techniques. Learn from our experience with Dynamo and Generative Design.

    Key Learnings

    • 1. Assess a viable way to simplify complex problems.
    • 2. Gain insights that will help inform your path to automation and design optimization.
    • 3. Build upon your understanding of what working with Dynamo and Generative Design can do.
    • 4. Compare your experience with solving complex problems with this Case Study.