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Using the Dynamo Player in Alias to solve problems and automate processes

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    Dynamo is capable of much more than patterning. In this class, we will demonstrate the latest improvements to the Dynamo Player. We are going to show the broad variety of possible applications for Dynamo and the Dynamo Player, including the generation and modification of NURBS, subdivision, and construction elements. Dynamo Player can help you create highly customized tools and increase the efficiency of the way you handle daily routine tasks in all kinds of different areas. Since the introduction of Dynamo Player in Alias 2021.2, each Alias release has come with a variety of new Dynamo and Dynamo Player tools. We’ll also share examples of how to use Dynamo and the Dynamo Player to create your own tools inside Alias. In those examples, we will also address the common problem of working across multiple surfaces.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the variety of application areas of Dynamo and the Dynamo Player inside Alias.
    • Know how to address the problem of multi surface patterning.
    • Be able to create your own Alias tools, using Dynamo and the Dynamo Player.
    • Discover sample workflows that can save time and accelerate workflows.