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Updating a Water Distribution Model: Connecting the Model to Its Data

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    Water distribution models are used throughout the world to provide customers access to clean, reliable drinking water, as well as sufficient pressure for fire suppression in emergencies. These models are only as valuable as they are accurate. The old process of updating the model every five years for a master plan is outdated and inefficient. The infrequent updating is a byproduct of the many sources of data needed to update your model. Using built-in tools for InfoWater Pro and incorporating telemetry data from Info360 Insight, we will walk through some of the many workflows that are involved in updating models and we’ll explore how much faster they can be accomplished with the right tools. Additionally, we will discuss the important analysis being done with water distribution models and how outdated models can be costly in social, environmental, and financial ways.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover which common impediments keep an organization from having an updated model
    • Discover changes that can be made immediately to improve existing water-distribution model procedures
    • Learn how to integrate new methods for updating models faster and more frequently
    • Discover the current risks of managing an out-of-date model